Starbucks & Pencuri & SMS Part 1

I went to starbucks to use the wireless yesterday and the guy behind the counter asked how i was doing and asked my name. After that he sang this malay song = 4U2C – “Fiona” and told the other waiters that I was a frequent customer. Usually I’d have to wait for the drinks at the counter, but he offered to send it :P

So obvious ahh i always go to starbucks IKANO? :P The starbucks One Utama New wing also recognize me but never talk. When my sister goes to Coffee Bean at OU, the waitress asks where her bf is because they often go together. LOL!

My dad picked me up from KJ and he got an sms from my youngest sis who had tuition that nite

Sis : My head pening. Can i stay at home and rest?

My dad didnt answer her sms, so 5 mins later he got another one

Sis : So do i go to tuition or not? I feel like want to muntah
Dad : U muntah first then we send u la
Sis : The world is like spinning. Later i fall down while walking down the stairs.
Dad : Spinning but can still sms well.
Sis : I sms with my eyes close
Dad : Wow u can sms without opening your eyes

At that point we were all cracking up with laughter in the car but eventually my sister got what she wanted – she skipped tuition

I stole a small expresso cup from my uni’s coffee bistro. Muaahahahahha!!! The coffee is so expensive and not so nice. I usually drink the tea, or teh tarik…which also costs around rm4 per glass.

Anyway, I had the breakfast set – camomile tea, 2 scones & butter+marmalade. Quite nice. But as I was halfway eating my second scone, there was a piece of green raffia string so I changed it for a new one – meaning that I got 2.5 scones. Hehe~!

There was this small cute expresso cup where they put the milk for my tea so I bungkus it and brought it home. So what? LKW is so rich. last time the old students used to steal the ash trys off the tables so they stopped providing it. hehe

Here’s a pic of my cute cup :P nice kan?
Wings Cup

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