Uni Life

Starting Final Year

I only went to register this morning. Reached the uni around 11-ish then went to register but one of the ppl in charge of registering is on MC (u take an MC on the first day of uni?) and the other just left for lunch. So we also went for lunch. We as in my mom (who absolutely insisted to follow just so she could explain the itty bitty details of the fees payment and load)  and I.

After waiting an hr or so, we finally managed to get registered by this lecturer whose name sounds like congee (porridge) at which my mother couldn’t stop laughing about. Went to settle the payment and settled everything sometime after 3pm. That one also because I managed to pull some strings. Yep it takes like 4 hours to get registered in my college. Sucks huh?

Anyway, I got classes the whole week. Monday and Wednesday is 9am-6pm. Tuesday is 11-12.30. Thursday and Friday 2-4pm. I wish they just crammed everything in 3-4 days and get it over with rather than us having to go for 2 hour classes a day. Waste of travelling time.

Wanted to go and buy the bus pass but they stupidly decided to change the timetable. The bus from Kelana Jaya now leaves at 7.20 AM instead of the previous 8am. What the hell!?!?! Fucking early weh. We’re now trying to figure out the best way to go around it. *sigh* i wish i had a car.

I missed a breifing this morning, but my classmates said nothing much also. But i got class tomorrow and I hv to drive down to cyberjaya so its time for bed. nitey nite!


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