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Straight or crooked?

Beautiful woman are made to be admired. Dont you agree? Im sure many guys lusted over Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith. As a normal human being, I appreciate beauty : be it a lifelike painting, a gorgeous sunset, a handsome guy, and even, a beautiful woman.

Lately I’ve been lepaking with my guy frens alot (as usual la..its been like that since a long time ago) and I have this feeling that they’ve started considering me as “one of the guys”. And like most other guys (and some girls) when they hang out together-gether, they like to ogle at the opposite sex- even when they are halfway telling an interesting story.

The thing is, i often join in these discussions and even throw in a few comments of my own. ahaha! Even talking about fantasies and stuff – from standards like a hot gal wearing a man’s long-sleeved button up shirt with nothing underneath to outrageous ones like…err…i’d rather not say because I still want to keep my blog PG-13. haha!

Anyway, the other day my fren asked me something funny :
Fren : can i ask u something?
me : yea?
fren : Are u lesbian?
me: huh? No la!! *laughs*
fren : But you look at girls…
me : Well, beautiful women are made to be admired
fren : oh yeah..and so much more…*gives this horny look*

*note to self : must stop ogling at girls

It seems like he haunts me now that i’ve broken up with him. First, when i went to lowyat the other day, i happen to walk into the shop that we always browsed around in and we used to date in BB (because it was near his place and easily accessible). Then another time, someone happen to pass by me somewhere in ikano and he smelt exactly like my ex – Jean Paul Gaultier, the blue bottle of a man’s torso.

And the freakiest one was when I was at TTDI and this guy with the same body build and style of dressing came. He even used a black bandanna with some white tribal designs – exactly what my ex always used coz he didnt like his haircut – i mean, who uses that anymore? Its outdated. I had to like look closely to make sure it wasnt him. Phew!

freaky eh?

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