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Sushi Class

Wakame jejaka yg digilai ramai kat tag Joe telah membuat kelas membuat sushi kat umah Arc & Budak. Supposed to start at 3pm but Wak sendiri dtg at 4.30 and I came around 5pm coz i had to send and pick my sister. And when i was on the way i had to pusing balik coz I carelessly left my wallet at home.

There wasnt much food (or mayb dah byk habis) – got roti jala and curry, kuih bahulu, cempedak goreng (which i ate alot :P coz its my fave), pudding, karipap, keropok & of course ingredients for sushi. Was quite interesting learning all the different names (which i didnt jot down) and the ways to make yummy sushi :)

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