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Cik catzer decided to tag me with 5 things about me. i did the ‘7 weird things‘ post some time ago but here are 5 more unknown things about me :D

Find out how weird I am…

  • I love pore packs – u know those plaster like thingys that u put on your wet nose then wait till it dries, then peel it off and all your white and black heads all coming out? yea, those. – and i got this weird habit of examining the white heads that are stuck on it esp if there’s a lot. Yea i know..kinda disgusting.
  • In fast food restaurants, i HATE to put all my fries on the tray. Why?
    1. They hardly wash the tray properly, they just a quick wipe then put the paper on top.
    2. It gets cold faster when its all spread out like that. Oh and at McD’s, I like to sprinkle the pepper over it
  • I dont like people to mash up all their food. For example if you have rice with vege and a dish like corned beef or minced meat/fish/chicken (nasi campur) and you mix it all together then eat. I GELI! Looks like dog food to me…or some kind of animal that was knocked down and squashed – roadkill!
  • I like to bite the end of the straw im drinking, so much so that my fren said “nak I order satu lagi straw untuk you”? Even worst, if its a styrofoam cup, i like to gigit the edges.
  • Not many people know this, but I like to switch on the aircon really cold then sleep under a really thick comforter. Ya i know, i can just make the aircon warmer then i can use a thin selimut – but i like to snuggle under a thick blanket. Plus, i also like to sleep in the nude, very liberating :D

I decided not to tag anyone. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. LOL! Ok dearies, i gtg tido…its 6am! :P


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