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    Accident on Cheras-Kajang Highway (BHP Incident) – Updated

    Im sure by now most people have heard about the Accident early at 3.00 – 3.30 am or so today 3 June 2010 that happened at the Cheras – Kajang Highway near the Cheras Taman Pertama Roundabout. Update 4 : KomunitiKini reports that the victim was 27 year old Sarawakian student, Florina ak Joseph. They also talked to two BHP representatives here who says its a misunderstanding. Update 3 : KomunitiKini managed to get in contact with BHP or their response. Read a whole story here BHP government relations manager Abdul Kaiyum when contacted claimed that the BHP attendants refused to open the door for Teo as he was not…

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    Another accident with my Viva :(

    Yes people, I got into another accident. This time I swear its not my fault! Someone hit the back of my car. I actually had2 TTs (Teh Tarik sessions) to go to yesterday. First one was in PJ at 8.30pm and ironically it was with a group of Vivarians. Then another was meeting some frens in SS2 after that. So it was around 8.15pm and I was driving near Riana Green (somewhere near Tropicana) traffic light. The light turned green then a taxi suddenly came from the right side, the car in front suddenly stopped and I also suddenly stopped. Manage to miss that car in front. Then i looked…

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    That rainy day..

    Remember how heavy the rain was last Tuesday (yesterday)? Well I didn’t go to class on Tuesday (4-8pm) because I was sick – sneezing non stop since Tuesday morning due to a bad cold. Then it started raining heavily in the afternoon. I mean like really heavily, cats and dogs. Even my mom asked me not to go to class beause the rain was too heavy to drive long distance. Very loud thunder and lighting thrown in. At one point there was this really bright flash of light and loud thunder and there was a trip. Luckily my laptop wasn’t plugged in at this time. Had to flick the switch…

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    I had a hell of a day yesterday :( Don’t ask…still not ready to talk about it *cries*