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    Of books and online shopping

    Someone said that its been a while since I wrote a proper post. Sorry! Been so busy lah :P Main been catching up with all my pending assignments. Have 3 projects this final sem *die!*. One of my assignments requires a short animation in 3d and this is my character, a lego man/robot. Thats a rendering of my character. I had to add knees to my lego man to allow for better movement later when I animate it. This class is really so much fun! We did bones last week and this week we’re doing skinning. Its all done in 3ds max 6. I actually have 3dsmax 9 but the…

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    Merry Christmas 07

    This is the cutest Christmas Flash animation ever! I know I posted the same thing last year :P but seriously, I love this! I put it in the spoiler so it doesnt automatically load :) Enjoy! [spoiler] [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.tongcom.co.kr/movie/t2/dingani_13.swf” height=”250″ width=”400″ /][/spoiler] And yes, this year i gave it to someone special :x Merry Christmas Everyone!