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    I got my cheque from Advertlets

    Yey! I FINALLY got my cheque from Adverlets. “But you have no ads on your site?” I hear you say. Well, last year, I had ads in my blog. First Advertlets and, some time after that, Nuffnang (this was before they introduced Glitterati & Titan). After seeing the rather slow trickle of money coming into my account, I decided to withdraw or cash out all RM113.52 of it and delete all the ads. The result was this ad-free blog. So yea, anyways, finally received the money that I cashed out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back at the end of FEBRUARY. Yes! It took them 4 months to pay me (due to some error…

  • Uni Life

    Haitus – Part 2

    Okay I wrongly guessed the date of my exams. They’re later than I expected. So apparently I’ll be busy for much longer. Starting next week my schedule is packed with completing and passing up assignments. Sorry if I won’t be able to update as regularly as before. I should be completed in 2-3 weeks. Phew

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    Internet = Life?

    Why should i be involved in your petty squabbles and disputes? That’s what happens when you revolve your real life around your online life. You get too over emotional about something intangible, something you cannot see, something you cannot touch, something that you cannot guarantee that will be there forever. For example, crazy bloggers who always cari gaduh and get super sensitive over their blog. When they get a malicious email they overreact and say they want to go to the police and all to report. Puh-leese, how most STUPID can those bloggers be? okay, I understand you have put your blood and sweat in this. But have you thought…

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    Blog back to normal

    As much as I loved the old Gossip City theme by Elena G. of DesignDisease.Com, it was time to look for a new theme because I found that the previous theme was rather slow to load. Probably because it had a lot of graphics. So I deleted lots of unused plugins and also installed wp-cache. Which was just in time because on the very next day, one of my blog post was linked in an article by TheStarOnline and bombarded with so many hits. In fact, until today I’m still getting hits from that the star. As you can see from the picture above. I usually get an average of…

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    Tips to make your blog appear in Google Search

    Someone in the forum was asking how to make their blog posts appear when someone searches about their posting in google. I gave some short tips on how to play around with keywords. One example is to write the URL of your post properly and precisely using keywords that people will search for. Secondly is making sure that you have lots of the same keywords repeating in your post. Thirdly is to tag your posts with Technorati tags to define what is talked about in your content. Oh, one more thing which I didn’t mention was using the ALT=”” tag in images. ALT stands for alternate text and this is…