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    Boobjobs or Blowjobs?

    A conversation one slow saturday night Girl: im watching beauty and the geek Guy Fren: dat series is saks.. Guy Fren: making fun of the geeks.. Girl: funny Girl: got this gal Girl: she did a boobjob Girl: 8K Girl: wtf!!!! Guy Fren: to one of the ggeks? Girl: BOOB JOB Girl: -_- Girl: BOOOBBBB Guy Fren: sorry,, Guy Fren: i tot blowjob using boob…

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    Tech Tuesday : How to play Catan

    As promised, a tutorial on how to play The Settlers of Catan. Sorry its a bit late, but im busy preparing for a presentation tomorrow, my groupmates who were supposed to do the slides disappeared on me and now I hv to complete it ASAP. Anyway, this is a step-by-step instruction manual with pictures. Click on the pictures to see it in full sized glory. You can download the game here. Have fun! You can read the full tutorial below, or click here to download the tutorial in PDF format [10mb].

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    Catan Madness

    I’ve been struck by khatan Catan madness! Well, actually its this board game called Settlers of Catan [wiki link]. Thanks to Ariff & Nik who introduced Pam, Jef & myself to this board game, we have really got addicted like nobody’s business.