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TV Series / TV Shows Cancelled/ Renewed (as of May 2012)

Its the season of TV Series. With some well loved TV Series ending (*sniff* House & Desperate Housewives *sniff*) while some getting cancelled *nooooo!* and renewed *yay!*, the good people at E!Online compiled this list of TV Series so that you’re up to date. Text in BOLD are the series that are to be renewed. [&hellip

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Rumour : Beyonce’s concert in Malaysia cancelled? (Update: Postponed!)

There’s rumours going around in Twitter that Beyonce’s Malaysian concert on October 25th, 2009 might be cancelled. She cancelled her planned concert in 2007 following protest threats by Malaysia’s opposition Islamic party (source). Most people heard it from someone (an unidentified source, of course) that the Maxis Marketing Manager said it might be cancelled and [&hellip

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