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    One Night at Laundry

    I went for a late dinner (around 10pm) for some good Arab food in Al-rawsha restaurant with Bobby (he used to always comment on my blog before) – a friend who I’ve not met for some time. Mixed grill and bread. Yums! Their portions seemed bigger than previous, so we were both oh so stuffed. We had a good time catching up. Lain kali buat lagi ek? Around 12.30am, on the way back, I texted Aree asking where she was and the girls were all hanging out in Laundry. So with my jeans, simple shirt and flats I headed down from Ampang to Laundry bar and illegally nicely parked my…

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    Out with the girls

    I finally quit my moping around at home and went out on Wednesday. First was tea with a guy friend with whom I’ve been postponing meeting coz of time constraints. Then I met up with Pam, Aree, Jazzy, Ayman & Taufan at Empress Cafe, Curve. I had a bottle of shisha. Wee~ shisha makes me happy :P Then lepaked and chit-chatted with Pam and her friends at Idaman till around 2am plus. On Thursday we woke up and Aree came over and we had lunch at this nice place in KJ that serves N9 food. Sedap (no pics tho coz we were starving and instantly attacked the food). Then we…

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    Projects & Mardi Gras

    Its soo hard to describe how relieved I felt after finally passing up my Major Project Documentation on Friday Evening. Stayed up for 3 days with only a 30 min nap in between. Went to go and pick Linda at around 9.30am (coz i got lost getting to her place at Precint 9) then had breakfast at Putrajaya before goin to campus around 10 ish.

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    Procrastination is like masturbation….

    Its Sunday already and pass a whole week of holidays which wasn’t really a holiday per se but more like a relaxing week, lots of sleeping. Met with a few friends i hvnt met for some time. No clubbing or drinking sessions tho coz my kaki2 all balik kpg. Come back fast guys! Im missing u all already! I was basically so lazy (yep im not afraid to admit it) that i juz lazed away the holidays – but it really was a good resting time coz I slept early and woke up early as well, none of the clubbing till 3-4am then coming back and sleeping only at 6-7am…