Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Yep, its that year end post again. Reflections on 2010 and hopes and dreams for 2011.

2010 was truly a life changing year for me. It was the year that I met countless of people. It was the year I changed jobs. It was the year I did less of some things and more of others. It was a good year.

The Year of Tweetups

This year, it was the year that I went for a lot, and I do mean A LOT of tweetups. The problem for me about tweetups is having to remember whose face is connected to which twitter handle.

I must admit that until now I’m confused who some my twitter friends are (unless they put their faces on their display). Tip : That’s why I don’t address people often by name and why I make sure people like Khir, Khairul or Rara is somewhere nearby so I can ask who is who. LOL!

So I guess for the new year, one of the things I have got to do is learn to remember people’s name more.

The Year of New Jobs.

Its actually funny how I decided to change jobs. I wasn’t looking for a new job, no. I just happened to come across someone’s RT of an RT of an RT about this person looking for someone to do social media. And I thought, hmm, why not? Best part is, the interview had to be at lunch time smack dab in the middle of KL – in KLCC. So I had to take an LRT frm Bangsar to KLCC and back within my lunch break.

So to cut a long story short, I quit my job doing programming and designing (something I spent 4 years of my life obtaining a BSc Hons degree for) to do social media. As I like to tell people, how else would you get paid to Facebook or Tweet? (Of course that was before I found out the amount of planning BEFORE and the number of reports AFTER. LOL)

The Year of Discovery

I discovered that time really does heal things. Though it might take years, but it does heal. I also discovered that without my “posse” of Pam and Aree, I went out less :( That led to more at home time and more time to dabble in projects (particularly baking).  Also I am now lazy to “doll up” and go clubbing for some reason which then leads to less drinking. I suspect it has to do with lack of “kaki”. I actually wouldn’t mind a night of fun every once in a while instead of cooped up at home and work.

It was also the year of lots and lots of road trips! I finally went to Cameron and Bukit Tinggi. I also went up to Genting (meh). Also road trips to Penang, Melaka, Johor Bharu and even Singapore! I was supposed to write a post about my trip to Singapore and Universal Studios….hehe.

Resolution of 2011 : Try to visit as many states in Semenanjung so that I can complete all the states in Malaysia.

The Year of Less and More

This was the year that ironically though I’m working with bloggers, I myself as a blogger has deteriorated due to lack of time. Which leads to less blogging and lower hits (boo!). Also towards the end of the year I’ve felt the need to be more private – hence two different twitter accounts and a private Facebook acc.

So yea, more blogging this year I hope?

Anyway, here are the Top Blogposts of 2010

  1. Malaysian Twitter Users put Rais Yatim on Trending topics #yorais (link) – This is actually quite funny. A bunch of Twitter-ers (namely bongkersz) started this yorais hashtag in retaliation to what he said about Malaysians shouldn’t be immersing themselves in Facebook and Twitter
  2. The Body Shop Malaysia 2010 Sale + price list (link) – It was the big sale for TBS and I managed to get a pricelist (and spent a bomb)
  3. Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) Kuala Lumpur + Slides (link)– Google SEA organized a FREE class to teach us all about Google Analytics. I wrote a post about it and provided download links
  4. Full List of Academy Awards (Oscars) 2010 Winners and Nominees (link) – I guess this really needs no explanation :)
  5. Craft Brews Brewhouse and Restaurant Party (link) – Craft Brews invited us bloggers to sample their food and even gave us a mini brewery kit for us to try it out ourselves. Good food and good beer!
  6. Digi and Maxis iPhone 4 Comparison Chart (link) – I did an table of comparison between the plans and the pros and cons for both. I think many people found it useful.
  7. Artist Lineup for Arthur’s Day 2010 in Kuala Lumpur (link) – This was the list of all the awesome artists that came to KL! I was there that night but didn’t stay for long.
  8. Accident on Cheras-Kajang Highway (BHP Incident) (link) – This was a really sad story about how, due to red tape, help was not able to be given to someone in need.
  9. Twitter on ‘Men Carrying Handbags’ (link) – I did a quick survey on twitter asking friends what they thought about Men carrying handbags. I posted some of their reactions. What do you think?
  10. Mencari Tetek Janda? (link) – Do you read the Google Adwords advertising when you’re visiting websites or checking gmail? Here’s a funny one.

There you go, round up of 2010. Hope everyone parties safe tonight!

Happy New Year 2011!!

happy-new-year-2011-974602 (1)

Craft Brews Brewhouse and Restaurant Party

craft brews 01 craft brews 02
Left :“24 beers in a case, 24 hours a day. Coincidence? I think not.”
Right : Barley, hops, yeast and other ingredients used in beer brewing

At the end of last year, I received from Craft Brews for their Bloggers/January/Call-it-whatever-you-want party. For those of you who have not heard of Craft Brews, they opened mid December in Mutiara Damansara behind Proton and right next to Tesco & Petronas Station.

CRAFT BREWS is the new restaurant in town and it is anything but your regular beer and grub joint. This unique new outfit introduces the long-awaited brewhouse concept to Malaysia.

The non-halal restaurant comfortably seats 45 people indoors, and an additional 88 at the outdoor terrace for those who prefer to wine and dine al fresco. The extensive menu offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes, all designed to complement your pint of beer.

CRAFT BREWS will be serving four draft and 10 bottled beer selections where two coloured beers from the Singapore-based Reddot Brewhouse will be the restaurant’s signature, premium beers. This coloured duo – the Monster Green Lager and English Ale – will be served fresh on tap.

craft brews 04craft brews 05

We were served dinner but I’ll talk more about that later. Then we had a beer tasting session. Apparently I actually know the guy who conducted it, Ben, who I met last Raya at Arai’s. I’m not a beer enthusiast so to speak (I prefer hard liquor myself) but it was interesting. Look at the pic above, the green ones is Monster Green Lager (light and one of my faves) and the reddish one is English Ale (pretty strong). Beer tasting is very similar to wine tasting. Swirl a small amount in a glass to aerate it a bit then look at the colour. Here are a few tips:

  • To fully taste the flavour of the beer, you have to sip in some air as you sip in the beer. Try it! it seriously tastes different than just chugging it down.
  • Beers that are light in colour are usually more hoppy tasting
  • Beers can have other things added in them such as orange peel,or herbs. The green beer above, their famous “Green Monster” is brewed with spirulina (but there’s no yuckky spirulina taste, I can assure you)
  • Salty and Sweet stuff compliments certain beers, depending on personal preference. Food in Craft Brews are specially prepared to compliment the beer they are serving

craft brews 03craft brews 03b
Honey Mustard Ribs, Tex-Mex Ribs, Homemade Potato Wedges & Eggplant “Chips”

I personally like the Honey Mustard Ribs with its sweet and slightly tangy sauce. The Tex-Mex is a bit spicy but nicely marinated in spices. Both ribs are big (in the pic u can see that its almost the diameter of the plate) and tender, fall off the bone. The Potato wedges are big and coated with batter. Very nice. The Eggplant “Chips” were anything but chips. This one had an Asian taste to it. Its like eggplant fried with small shrimp, onion and a bit of chilli.


craft brews 06 (2) craft brews 06
Left (pic by spinzer) : Pretty beer towers all in a row.
Right : The other bloggers/twitter-ers that were there

craft brews 07Our goodie bag was really unique. Its a container with a Beer pass for 1 complimentary beer (1/2 pint) and ingredients to brew beer. From top left is Coriander, Orange Peel, Barley and Brewing Yeast (which I’m told is totally different from baking yeast). Interesting yes? I’ve yet to try it tho :P Has anyone else who went tried it yet?


Anyway, thank you Craft Brews for a night of food and drinks and great company :)


CRAFT BREWS is located at G3 Podium, Ground Floor, Menara Batu Kawan, No. 1, Jalan PJU 7/6, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It is open daily from 12 noon till late and Happy Hours are 5pm-8pm daily. For reservations, please call 03-7722 3000. You can also catch em on Facebook ( and Twitter (

** some pics from joshuaongys (read his post here) and nigelais