Create your own Twitter Character!

This is a pretty cool “customized” infographic for you Twitter users out there. Quite fun and interesting project from the people over at

Get your own here –


One of my gripes about the infographic is that I don’t seem to have a unique URL to show people my character. So what I did was I screenshot the whole thing so that I can share it here.

Whoops my bad, you can get a short unique URL to show people. And also, I’ve noticed that it seems to track back only to a certain time, meaning the topics are what you’ve talked about in the past few days or past 1 week, I’m not sure. This is because my character this week is different from the one I did above. Also it’ll be quite cute if I can actually use the character created as my display picture automatically.

But still quite cute and good work from & @shanesnow

Yet another WordPress Theme

FireShot capture #099 - 'The Zestful IcedNyior' - me_zestful_org

I wasn’t too happy at my old theme. its nice and fully customizable – even with the option of change the sidebar to the left or right. But i wanted something more minimal and magazine-like.

So here’s a new theme :D Not done by me (of course). Yes, took out the ads for now. Will decide if I want to put it in later. The new theme has more emphasis on my twitter feeds – because I’m quite active there now. It also has Asides, so that I can share short snippets.

Might be editing it more as time progresses. Don’t like the fact that the recent post’s image is not automatically grabbed like the recent posts/featured.

Comments and feedback much appreciated