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    I got my CJ7 doll

    We were walking around after buying tickets for the movie 10,000 BC (which was good but more on that later) when I spotted this shop selling the very adorable CJ7. They sold it in a few sizes – handphone hangers, keychains, flat rounded zipper wallets but he bought me the biggest one (about RM20) they have to hang in the car, the one with a suction cup :D Cuteness! p/s: did you know that the small kid is actually a gal in real life? The actress’ name is Kitty Zhang YuQi nine year old Xu Jiao. (EDIT: Opps..put the wrong name. Kitty Zhang is actually the cute teacher in that…

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    Be a Cleopatra Nose!

    Want a more mancung (pointy) nose? I saw this weird device at Sasa KLCC and laughed to myself. Such a bad example of Engrish too The Tagline “Be a Cleopatra nose! Indespensible for your beautiful nose You wouldn’t **cant see** once” haha…i guess im lucky that when i was younger, lots of people pinched my cheek and nose (come to think of it, some people even do that now) So yea, if u ever wanted a pointy, upturned nose, go buy this ‘great invention’. LOL!