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Left behind at the highway

I was lepaking at a friend’s place helping to finish up some assignments when he sent me back early in the morning because we felt hungry also. So there we were goin through the Jalan Duta toll into the NKVE highway and wanting to exit at the Kota Damansara tol. Some distance after the tol,there’s [&hellip

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Review : Jangan Pandang Belakang

** yea yea, I watched a Malay movie, dont faint. LOL!** tag] [Picture cilok-ed from CinemaOnline] I saw Alangz promoting the movie on his status on Yahoo Messenger. So i pon tanya la siapa2 pegi: alangz: coppp.. most of my friends bukan bloggers tau.. alangz: serindit, cekedess… me: ada laki lain yg cute2 tak alangz: [&hellip

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