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    How to change the new Facebook Photo “Lightroom” Viewer back to the old version

    Don’t you hate the new Facebook Photo Viewer that’s with that “lightroom” effect? I seriously dislike it a lot! Its so annoying and doesn’t enhance the user experience at all, in my opinion. I found a simple way to walk around this issue. Can’t remember where I saw it la, some tech site I think. Note : In addition to the steps below, here are more steps to help “remove” the new viewer Open in new tab – In Chrome I tried duplicating the tab, it seemed to remove the lightroom effect. Haven’t tried on other browsers tho. This works on other browsers like Firefox Refresh the page – Pressing…

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    Book of Poems

    I was digging thru my blog and found this poem i wrote in 2004. Its titled ‘Crimson Butterfly’ and a metaphor of the innocent children and woman who are victims of crimes. A white pair of wings flits by softly Passing valleys, streams and rivers wide Resting on flower beds, bushes and trees lazily In and out of beautiful petals it hides A picture of serenity we behold Of a white butterfly passing by But something is about to happen To wreck havoc in this peaceful world A sound is heard in the distance The only sound which breaks the silence A fast-moving object whizzes through the air As a…

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    Tutorial : Hide or encrypt posts in Blogger

    If you have a blog in Blogger, you’ll realize that it does not have the option to password protect your posts like WordPress does. However, there is a way around it, thanks to Vincent which uses Javascript to encrypt and decrypt the text. Here’s a step by step tutorial (complete with pics. YEY!)

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    Tips to make your blog appear in Google Search

    Someone in the forum was asking how to make their blog posts appear when someone searches about their posting in google. I gave some short tips on how to play around with keywords. One example is to write the URL of your post properly and precisely using keywords that people will search for. Secondly is making sure that you have lots of the same keywords repeating in your post. Thirdly is to tag your posts with Technorati tags to define what is talked about in your content. Oh, one more thing which I didn’t mention was using the ALT=”” tag in images. ALT stands for alternate text and this is…

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    Tech Tuesday : NexG – Cathay Cineplexes Debit Card

    If you’re a student (like me) or unemployed and have no constant income, then its hard for you to apply for a credit card which usually requires all sorts of documents, bla bla bla. My solution is, just get a debit card. Hafreze was asking me to share my experience of using this debit card so I decided to write the post. There are a few debit cards available in Malaysia, two that I know of is the Public Bank debit card and the Ambank NexG Prepaid MasterCard. After some deliberation, I chose the latter. Read a complete guide after the jump.