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Made for Walking

Remember these? Well, maybe not. I tried it on once upon a time and thought it looked nice. For a while I contemplated to buy it. For a while I contemplated to let you buy it for me. I vaguely remember explaining the differences between wedges and heels to you. But then I thought, “nah, [&hellip

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Quick Update – 2 July

I postponed my flight to Kota Kinabalu from today to this Saturday (5 July) Presentation 2 weeks ago sucked Went to Laundry Bar, Curve again last Saturday – upcoming post if I’m rajin lazy Still haven’t watched that new movie Wanted. Friends cancelled plans THREE times (!!!) Need to finish my final project documentation today [&hellip

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Meet Breadcrumb

He bought me a hamster last week. I’ve been going on and on whether I want to get a hamster or not. I had two hamsters before and one of it died – kena bully by the bigger hamster – and the other one escaped. Plus they were not tame and always bite. So i’ve [&hellip

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