Made for Walking

23 Aug , 2008  


Remember these? Well, maybe not. I tried it on once upon a time and thought it looked nice. For a while I contemplated to buy it. For a while I contemplated to let you buy it for me. I vaguely remember explaining the differences between wedges and heels to you. But then I thought, “nah, it was a size too small for me. plus many other opportunities for you to buy me shoes in the future.” Or so I thought.

Fast forward a few months later, same pair of shoes. Same dilemma, with an added dash of memories (which I honestly totally forgot about). Which also brought many questions – how are you? do you think of me? should I even think of you? Why cant we be friends? – that crowded my head. Decisions, decisions.

Needless to say, I bought it.


Because it was *the* perfect size.

Because life is falling in place for me now. Because I graduated – when I had made preparations in anticipation that i would fail. Because at the point that I was worried I was unqualified to work in my field, a HUGE door of opportunity opened for me. Because I met new people, made new friends.

Because I am now…………..HAPPY :)

On a totally related note, I bought these gorgeous pumps from Neo @ Ikano which sells big size shoes – even size 12 – at reasonable prices (I bought mine for RM70 and it looks like leather shoes quality). Then i went to One Utama and bought these red heels frm vincci for RM35. Original price is RM109 then they had a 70% discount. How could I resist?

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Quick Update – 2 July

2 Jul , 2008  

  • I postponed my flight to Kota Kinabalu from today to this Saturday (5 July)
  • Presentation 2 weeks ago sucked
  • Went to Laundry Bar, Curve again last Saturday – upcoming post if I’m rajin lazy
  • Still haven’t watched that new movie Wanted. Friends cancelled plans THREE times (!!!)
  • Need to finish my final project documentation today to get it all nicely binded to pass up on Friday
  • Met up with a fren that I’ve known for 2 yrs but never met. Lepaked at mamak till 6am – I miss those long conversations at mamak stalls
  • Went to my tailor yesterday to see the dress I made for Mag’s wedding (I’m the bridesmaid) and its GORGEOUS!! Needs more alterations so will get it tomorrow. – pics here
  • I bought new shoes yesterday at Vincci Ikano
  • Got my fren’s invitation to her wedding
  • Note to self: finish some of the half written drafts to post while I’m in KK
  • OMG! Can’t wait to get to KK!

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Meet Breadcrumb

12 Mar , 2008  

He bought me a hamster last week. I’ve been going on and on whether I want to get a hamster or not. I had two hamsters before and one of it died – kena bully by the bigger hamster – and the other one escaped. Plus they were not tame and always bite.

So i’ve been debating about it for a few months now and finally he said, “If I get one for you, you must take care of it ok?” Yey! So we went to Pet Safari in Ikano and went to look for one. I actually wanted to get a dwarf or robo hamster because they are smaller and cuter but they tend to bite and I don’t want to hamster that bites.

So yea, he got me a hamster. Its a female Golden Banded Syrian hamster. Its quite young tho, only a few weeks old. Thats why it looks so small. Im thinking of getting a new cage because the current one is kinda small for a Syrian hamster (once it grows to full size) and its rusty.

So adorable kan my new baby? *heart* *heart*

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