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    PC Fair 2008 Weekend

    I went down to KLCC on Saturday morning. Even after Aree, Jazzy and I were partying till 4am. Ib came over at 10am and we went to KLCC :D Met up with some of the guys for brunch then went over to see the blogger guys at Starbucks. Photo credit to Danny (I edited it a bit). Attendees: 1. cassplayer – http://www.k-tucky.blogspot.com 2. powerfox – http://briandn.blogspot.com 3. dylanchan1688 – http://www.neversatisfiedwithlife.blogspot.com 4. aaron1kee – http://www.ximplixity.com 5. freezefrost – http://www.criticallyacclaimed.info 6. Jenkin_Yat -  http://jenkinyat.com 7. akiraceo – http://www.akiraceo.com 8. jayhan – http://www.jay-han.com 9. etsuko – http://www.dannyfoo.com 10. heavenhell90 – http://www.bryanlyt.com 11. Mikkiz 12. Cat13. Haza_izzz14. sassyset15. PleaseEnterYourName PC Fair was utterly packed!…

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    Hari Bintang Jatuh – Aftermath

    Phew, finally its over. And everyone – especially the hardworking organizers – can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. For me, the day started the night before. Aree, Pam, and Jazzy came over the night before and we were baking, smoking (well they were smoking), ordered McD, waited 1 hr for the food to arrive, realized that they forgot 1 large fries, waited another hr for the fries. Chopped, mixed, beat, stirred, realize that we couldn’t melt the chocolate, realized that the coffee refused to brew, cut cakes, put some in our mouths, wrapped cakes in plastic and so on and so forth. Believe it or not, after all…

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    Cerita Kongkek di KLCC

    As you know (or perhaps you don’t know because you didn’t read my previous posts), I’m taking this PHP and MySQL course in KLCC. Yea I know some of you are like “What? PHP? You can learn that yourself la” but hey, its free (sponsored by MDeC and Petronas eLearning) and they’ll even pay for the Zend Cert (which costs something like 120USD). Its everyday from Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm. Anyway, for my other non-technical friends, PHP is (this is my simple explaination) a programming language used for the web. Basically any site that has a database (eg, some form of login) uses PHP. Its like giving instructions. So there…

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    Be a Cleopatra Nose!

    Want a more mancung (pointy) nose? I saw this weird device at Sasa KLCC and laughed to myself. Such a bad example of Engrish too The Tagline “Be a Cleopatra nose! Indespensible for your beautiful nose You wouldn’t **cant see** once” haha…i guess im lucky that when i was younger, lots of people pinched my cheek and nose (come to think of it, some people even do that now) So yea, if u ever wanted a pointy, upturned nose, go buy this ‘great invention’. LOL!