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    Made for Walking

    Remember these? Well, maybe not. I tried it on once upon a time and thought it looked nice. For a while I contemplated to buy it. For a while I contemplated to let you buy it for me. I vaguely remember explaining the differences between wedges and heels to you. But then I thought, “nah, it was a size too small for me. plus many other opportunities for you to buy me shoes in the future.” Or so I thought. Fast forward a few months later, same pair of shoes. Same dilemma, with an added dash of memories (which I honestly totally forgot about). Which also brought many questions –…

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    Review : Speed Racer (no spoilers)

    Thanks to Fly FM’s Night Flight, I won four free tickets to watch Speed Racer at GSC, One Utama just now. So I brought along Aree, Pam and Jazzy (but Jazzy couldn’t make it and the bf is sick). The movie started at 9pm but we went in a bit late coz we had dinner at Zuup first (their New England Clam Chowder is to die for). Synopsis from Yahoo! Movies : To Speed Racer, nothing says “family values” like barreling down a racetrack at face-flattening speeds. So when mega-mogul Royalton offers the young driver a corporate sponsorship, Speed turns him down. An enraged Royalton tells Speed he’ll never win…

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    Marié Digby is coming to KL!

    WheE~ the gorgeous MariĆ© Digby is going to be in KL! Yep yep! Got to know about it a few weeks ago through Facebook. She’s having a public showcase in One Utama, New Wing. More details after the jump!

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    Projects & Mardi Gras

    Its soo hard to describe how relieved I felt after finally passing up my Major Project Documentation on Friday Evening. Stayed up for 3 days with only a 30 min nap in between. Went to go and pick Linda at around 9.30am (coz i got lost getting to her place at Precint 9) then had breakfast at Putrajaya before goin to campus around 10 ish.