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    My digital photos are here (& how to get yours for free!)

    A few days ago, I wrote this post titled [Tutorial] Print Digital Photos online with EOE that showed you a step by step method on how to get your digital photos printed online at EOE’s website and sent straight to your doorstep. A few days after I have made my order, I got my package. Its a nicely wrapped 50pcs of 4R photos and 2 pcs of 8R photos. As you can see, I printed a lot of my graduation photos – since they were all digital photos and I wanted a hard copy. Each 4R print only costs RM0.30 and each 8R photos is RM6 each. Also you get…

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    [Tutorial] Print Digital Photos online with EOE

    I was surfing around the other day and came across this site that allows you to print your digital photos online. All you have to do is upload the photos, choose what size you want, and then make payment. Then they will send all the printed photos to your address. So I decided to try it out and write a short tutorial as well :D Hope you guys find this helpful Step One Go to www.eoe.com.my and click the REGISTER button on the top. This is a standard login, so just fill in your details and reply the confirmation email. Step Two Look at the top and click on Shopping…

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    My Online Shopping Addiction

    My name is IcedNyior and I’m an online shopaholic. Its weird you know. Ask any of my friends like Pam or Aree and ask them how I am when we go out shopping. I’m usually the one who tags along, gives comments and only once in a while do I buy something – and that is quite seldom. However, online shopping hit me like a mind blowing orgasm. LOL! Its so hard to stop myself from transferring over money for this or that item. Sprees are the worst! Sprees are when people all gather their orders and order stuff from international websites like Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, Sephora,…

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    MAS Cheaper Flights?

    Yesterday (5 May), Malaysia Airlines launched their Everyday Low Fares promotion starting from RM0 for domestic flights. Claiming to be the ‘World’s Five Star Value Carrier’ they promise that ‘you will be able to enjoy 5 Star Service at a low price’. So, this very bored (and stressed out with school projects) blogger decided to check out and compare the prices on their website. Read more about the results. You’d be surprised.