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    Hawaiian Luau Party

    Click for more photos in this album — Luau Bday Party For my birthday, I originally planned to just have a small get together to makan2. I was craving for steamboat and hot plate so that was the dinner menu that night. Plus it’ll be easy to prepare, just cut up all the raw stuff, panaskan the soup/broth then let the people cook what they want.

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    Frozen moments

    Dont you miss the feel of real photos? Not printed digital photos, but photos printed from an actual roll of film. I miss looking at those photos and laughing at some of the candid photos, for example my mom’s photos are always of her closing her eyes (due to the flash i think) or a shot at bad timing where everyone wasn’t ready yet. Remember the glossy finishes and slightly sticky feel? When I was younger, that I was taught to keep the photos properly, not facing each other because the photos may stick to each other and spoil them. When I was at Mel’s house a few years back,…