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    Cerita Kongkek di KLCC

    As you know (or perhaps you don’t know because you didn’t read my previous posts), I’m taking this PHP and MySQL course in KLCC. Yea I know some of you are like “What? PHP? You can learn that yourself la” but hey, its free (sponsored by MDeC and Petronas eLearning) and they’ll even pay for the Zend Cert (which costs something like 120USD). Its everyday from Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm. Anyway, for my other non-technical friends, PHP is (this is my simple explaination) a programming language used for the web. Basically any site that has a database (eg, some form of login) uses PHP. Its like giving instructions. So there…

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    Tutorial : Hide or encrypt posts in Blogger

    If you have a blog in Blogger, you’ll realize that it does not have the option to password protect your posts like WordPress does. However, there is a way around it, thanks to Vincent which uses Javascript to encrypt and decrypt the text. Here’s a step by step tutorial (complete with pics. YEY!)