Review: Mission Attaché bag by Greenroom136

I’ve always had a thing for rugged looking messenger bags that can fit laptops and cameras from my days in college, lugging a laptop here and here. The only brand I was familiar with then was Crumpler but that of course was way above my meager means. As I grew older, while I liked how branded handbags looked (Anya Hindmarch is a favourite), I could never justify to myself paying a lot of money (above Rm500) for a bag that I will end up putting on the floor and would stand up to the daily elements. So I stuck with plain black handbags with no brand, at least I tak sakit hati to put it here and there and I could change it as I chose.

Soon however, I wanted to have a bag that I could bring travelling or to put more stuff in for the weekend. I also have a whole lot of stuff that I need want to lug around such as portable chargers and what not so I had to choose a bag that would fit all of it, but yet, not look too masculine (I already had backpacks, why would I want to buy another?).

Enter Greenroom136. I can’t remember how I found out about Greenroom136 but its by two guys (Patrick and Gordon) who handmade their products locally. They started off with messenger bags – the Junk Monkey Heretic (quite a mouthful. Is it related to their gorilla jumping logo? not sure) then they ventured out to other types of bags and pouches. Best part, shipping was free – I’m Malaysian, we like F-R-E-E anything.

Pic from Greenroom136 Facebook page

After debating for a couple of weeks the Mission Attaché, and trying to imagine how big the bag is via the measurements, I decided to take the plunge and ask if the shoulder straps were customizable. Now, if you have fat huge arms like me, the shoulder straps are always the part of the bag that doesn’t fit (again another reason why I hate buying handbags). After a few emails back and forth regarding measurements, I paid for my bag and, barring some minor challenges, I received the bag safely in my hands. Continue reading

Review : P1 ToGo Mifi Modem MX230


This is the third post in a 3 part review series of the P1 Mifi Modem MX230. You can read my previous posts“P1 ToGo plan with MX230” and “Review : P1 MiFi on the go!”.

I’m actually quite sad to be ending my review and giving back the MiFi modem. Its like one of those things that you never noticed you had, but only after you had it then you realize its quite useful.

I’ve been carrying it out for quite a bit and I certainly feel that it’s a quite useful thing to have when you’re around. I use an iPhone but occasionally my telco provider runs into some problem and there is little to no connection.

The nature of my job allows me to occasionally work offsite and again, I found the Mifi device useful in this situation. Its faster speeds also suit the office projects where you need to get online (not if you only use word documents la! Hehe) Continue reading

P1 ToGo plan with MX230


Recently I was passed a MiFi modem for review from P1. In case you didn’t know, MiFis are mobile WiFi hotspots. Super convenient when you’re out and don’t want/have data connection. Plus it provides wifi for multiple devices so your friends can tumpang and connect their laptops, ipads, tablets phones all at the same time.

I must say that there are currently other providers that have a similar MiFi devices but some of the  plans are not as attractive (eg: having different quota for different timing).

[Side note: Does DiGi not have a MiFi anymore? I cant seem to find it on their site]

Anyway I went to pick up the device from P1 Paddock (their main office/customer service center) and the process was extremely smooth and fast. I was observing others at the customer service area as well and one thing I like about the P1 Paddock is that they have ample seats scattered around the area.

photo 1

I got the MX230 modem (there’s another modem MF230) and was pleasantly surprised to find out how small it was. Its 13x69x69mm and weighs a mere 76grams. The box comes with an instruction manual as well as a micro USB cable & plug/wall power adaptor (so you can charge on both a power point and computer.

Some specs about the MX230 modem :

  • Supports up to 8 WiFi enabled clients (802.11b/g)
  • It can also be used as a USB Modem when its in tethering mode on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • It only takes 3 hours to complete a full charge
  • A fully charged device can last for Up to 6 hours (depending on the usage)

I’ve previously tested the P1’s Acer Netbook with W1Max as well as the Wiggy USB modem so I can’t wait to test this baby out. But for now, if you need more info, head down to P1’s MiFi page!


This is the first post in a 3-post review of this device. Read the next review “P1 MiFi on the go!” and “P1 ToGo Mifi Modem MX230