Review: Tune Hotels 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu

1Borneo is this shopping mall just outside the Kota Kinabalu town, around 5 mins drive from University Malaysia Sabah. Actually come to think of it, 1Borneo does feel a bit like Midvalley in terms of layout.

Anyway, Tune Hotels is one of the few hotels attached to 1Borneo – similar to Cititel Hotel and Midvalley in KL. The rates are from RM20 and up depending on the dates. I stayed there from 25th – 29th January. 1Borneo is a bit out of town but there’s a free shuttle bus from the other exit that stops in Warisan Square, right in the middle of town, near shopping malls like Centerpoint and all.


My room came with some amenities:

(a) Towel + soap + 1 sachet shower gel + 1 sachet shampoo = RM5 + RM10 refundable deposit

(b) 12-hour aircond credits = RM 13.49

The room consists of a double bed, two pillows, comforter, foldable table, KDK ceiling fan and power shower. Add-ons are TV, Wifi & Air Cond. Tune Hotels promises a 5 Star sleeping experience with a 1 star price. Here are some pictures of the room and shower :) Continue reading

Mag’s Wedding – Preparation

We woke up so early on the morning of the wedding. Started to get ready around 5.30am. Jofanna and George from Jofanna Bridal was early to do the hair/makeup (and photos). Then soon after Benny ( came to take photos of the preparation.

Lets let the pictures tell the story aite?

The dress and shoes. I love the dress!

The picture Benny took of Mag & I

the picture I took
The picture that I took the same time Benny took the pic above

From left: Megan, Mag, Jofanna, George (Jofanna’s husband) & Benny sitting

Mag’s hair is so nice kan?

Mag & her bridesmaids

The carriage that will be taking us to the church :D

More Pics : Wedding Preparation ( & My Facebook album.

My Kota Kinabalu Trip – Day 1

Day 1 – 5th July

I arrived safely in Kota Kinabalu around noon-ish and was picked up by Tim. Oh, before that, when I was on the way to LCCT, Mag gave me ring and said,

“Fi! I have a disease!”

Then I replied, “Huh?!? Chickenpox?!?”

“No.I have dengue.”


Apparently she contracted dengue from her officemate and was feeling feverish for a few days before finally doing a bloodtest and was confirmed dengue. Her body was full of rashes and she was just getting better from her fever. Poor girl!

Anyway, Tim picked me up from the airport and we went to the house, rested for a bit then went out to La Meridien for some lucky draw thingy for all the people who signed up for their bridal package. There was some free eats too :P

So nice yea the sample decoration for the wedding dinner later? The couple won dinner for two at Le Meridien. Grand prize was a flight to Phuket and accommodation at Le Meridien Phuket.

Came back and I took a nap then woke up for dinner, socialized with the family then went back to bed.

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