Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012


How could I miss the bookworm event of the year? This year the BBW Book Sale was (is still ongoing actually) at the Mines Convention Center from 8-23 December. This year was special because they decided to open for 24 hours over the weekend.

Decided to head down there with the boys and my sister on the wee hours of Saturday. We left Damansara about 12.30am and headed down to Mines. We got to the vicinity less than an hour later. I was prepared for a lot of people but I didn’t expect to be stuck even before we entered the convention center.


It took us about one hour just to get to the parking. I decided to park inside and got a parking in the basement quite easily. The Convention center was huge! I mean, I saw photos on Facebook (like below) but It was seriously huge.

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The Body Shop Malaysia 2010 Sale + price list

body shop sale 2010 b 28658_397753089671_159742024671_3950459_5400768_n

Yes ladies! Its here! Woot! From 21 May to 13 June 2010, all the West Malaysia outlets are on sale (refer here). Not sure about Sabah or Sarawak though. I first found out about it from the shoppingnsales site and later got a list of the items on sales from Miu.

body shop sale 2010 list

Besides the items mentioned above, there are some Sets (eg, 3 x mini body lotion in nice bamboo/woody box) on sale for 50% or less. I popped by TBS outlet in Bangsar Shopping Center (while dragging my colleague along) and got my Body Shop Fix.

body shop sale 2010 haul

My Haul

Pomegranate Body Polish (200ml)

  • Retail price : RM38.00
  • Discount : 70%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 10.26

Body & Shower Gel – Peach & Raspberry (250ml)

  • Retail Price: RM24.90
  • Discount : 50%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 11.20

Body & Shower Gel – Cassis Rose (250ml)

  • Retail Price: RM29.90
  • Discount : 50%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 13.45

Body Puree Wild Cherry (forgot the volume)

  • Retail Price: RM45.00
  • Discount : 50%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 20.25

Pressed Face Powder – 04 (not in pic)

  • Retail Price: RM63
  • Discount : 10%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 51.03

I bought a total of 8 + 1 (for colleague) items amounting to RM150+. Some other Items that I remember:

  • Body puree raspberry – 50%
  • Body & Shower Gel (400ml) Pink Grapefruit – 50% = RM22+ or so
  • Mandarin Orange Shower Gel + Body Lotion set – 70% i think
  • Bath lily, scrub = 10%
  • Soaps – 10%
  • EVERYTHING in the store is on sale, at least 5%
  • These makeup items pictured are 30%-50% off. Lip glosses, the multi blush, etc. Other makeup items all 10% off

The sale will be until 13 June and applicable for everyone.
Members Special : On 21-23 May, all members get 10% off already discounted prices.

Note that the member’s special is calculated like this:

If the item RP is RM10 the discount is 50%,
The price will be RM 5 minus 10% member discount
TOTAL= RM 4.50

Not a total of 60% discount on the item. Remember this, because I did some miscalculation in the beginning. Also a tip, choose an outlet that is less crowded. I remember how packed it was at the Midvalley outlet during the last sale. I swear it was madness.

So tell about your haul :D


Decided to update with more price lists from readers :)

  • tea tree cover stick for RM16 (50% off) and pomegranate body spray for RM10 (70% off) – chloe
  • Tea Tree Facial Scrub = RM20 – @junw3n

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at Amcorp Mall


The book sale of the year was back. The Big Bad Wolf store was having yet another massive book sale. I’ve heard really good things about the book sale early this year and so I was determined to come to this one. It was at Amcorp Mall – 3rd floor (where the cinema previously was).

Planned to go on Friday evening but I couldn’t get away early so decided to go this morning. Was hoping that it being a public holiday, most people would have balik kampung or be at the mosque. Heard “horror” stories about how packed it was on Friday so Sat morning was my best bet.

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Stila Cosmetics Haul

As many girls know, Stila closed its counters in Malaysia (and other international sites) preferring instead to sell in the US only.

The best part? They had a clearance sale of all their cosmetics and merchandise ranging from 50% – 70%! Awesome. This was a chance for me to finally pick up some stila makeup (because they are a bit out of my price range :().

Anyway, this was my haul

stila haul

stila haul 2

  • Stila mug
  • Get The Look palette (I think its Look #2, cant rmbr) – 3 eyeshadows in Lame, Oasis & Coin) + 1 Cheek color in Tint + 1 It Gloss Lip Shimmer in Enchanting
  • Stila Step Out & Shine Holiday 2008 Collection – Silver Clutch with purple lining, Lip & Cheek Stain in Pomegranate, Stila Convertible Color in Orchid, Stila All Over Shimmer Luminize, Stila Multi-Effect Mascara Black, Montmartre Eyeshadow Quad Palette
  • Stila Lip Glaze in.err i forgot, but its a brownish colour with speckles of glitter (I’ll update it later)
  • Total Damage : RM260 *sweat*

Yes, i know I spent a lot, but considering that the Lip Glaze is normally sold at rm90 was only RM45, I got tempted. Hehehe! Oh yea, i bumped into Miu at the Stila counter in Gardens

Now have to makan megi till end of the month (or write more posts)

Made for Walking


Remember these? Well, maybe not. I tried it on once upon a time and thought it looked nice. For a while I contemplated to buy it. For a while I contemplated to let you buy it for me. I vaguely remember explaining the differences between wedges and heels to you. But then I thought, “nah, it was a size too small for me. plus many other opportunities for you to buy me shoes in the future.” Or so I thought.

Fast forward a few months later, same pair of shoes. Same dilemma, with an added dash of memories (which I honestly totally forgot about). Which also brought many questions – how are you? do you think of me? should I even think of you? Why cant we be friends? – that crowded my head. Decisions, decisions.

Needless to say, I bought it.


Because it was *the* perfect size.

Because life is falling in place for me now. Because I graduated – when I had made preparations in anticipation that i would fail. Because at the point that I was worried I was unqualified to work in my field, a HUGE door of opportunity opened for me. Because I met new people, made new friends.

Because I am now…………..HAPPY :)

On a totally related note, I bought these gorgeous pumps from Neo @ Ikano which sells big size shoes – even size 12 – at reasonable prices (I bought mine for RM70 and it looks like leather shoes quality). Then i went to One Utama and bought these red heels frm vincci for RM35. Original price is RM109 then they had a 70% discount. How could I resist?