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    Kick Off Time and Dates for Euro 2008

    Isn’t it annoying to have to figure out the times and date in Malaysian time for international events such as football matches? Well, no worries now because I’m providing you with a timetable based on Malaysian Time for the EURO 2008 matches. Yep, download your own Jadual Waktu Perlawanan EURO 2008 here! There’s also an empty space to put down the results :D The first game will be kicking off on Sunday 8 June at 00:00 hrs and it will be Switzerland vs Czech Republic in Basle followed by Portugal vs Turkey at 02:45 in Geneva. All of the games in Euro 2008 are either at 00:00 hrs or 02:00…

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    Exam timetable

    Having my final exams for this semester. Im in my 5th semester. One more before graduating! [Monday] Software Project Management (BCOMP 3508) – 10am-1pm [Wednesday] Ethics and Professional Conduct (BETHC 3503) – 10am-1pm [Friday] Formal Method (BTECH 3516) – 10am-1pm [Wednesday] Data Structure and Analysis Algorithm (BPROG 3507) – 10am-1pm [Friday] Concept Modelling (BMULT 3507) – 10am-1pm ** This post will be on top of other posts till my exams are over. Scroll down for more posts**

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    Change timetable~! Yippie!!

    I had to drop one of my classes (C Programming) and take Essentials to IT which is much much easier..yay! I took C++ & Java Programming already so they said it’ll just a be a repeat and boring. Which is true. Anyway, i managed to arrange with my lecturers to have all my classes in the beginning of the week. So here’s wat my timetable looks like Mon : 9-11 am ~ Essentials to IT Tues : 9-11 am ~ Business management 11-12.30 am ~ Essentials to IT Wed : 9-11 am ~ B Management 1.30-4.30 pm ~ Design Studies Im off from Thursday to Sunday :) Meaning I’ve got…