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    Tutorial: Pacmee – Malaysian Twitter

    Hey guys! Tuesday again, time for another tutorial. Was my last tutorial about spoilers helpful? I hope so. Sorry couldn’t upload this post earlier, my internet was down because my modem got electrocuted after the heavy rain yesterday. Edit : pacmee can only be used for hotlink/maxis users. Boo! Have you guys noticed the newest addition to my sidebar on the right? Its under SMS Updates. That small widget is updated via SMSes from me about my current updates. Meaning I don’t have to be physically in front of the PC to make my update. Cool eh? Let me teach you how to get one

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    Tech Tuesday : How to play Catan

    As promised, a tutorial on how to play The Settlers of Catan. Sorry its a bit late, but im busy preparing for a presentation tomorrow, my groupmates who were supposed to do the slides disappeared on me and now I hv to complete it ASAP. Anyway, this is a step-by-step instruction manual with pictures. Click on the pictures to see it in full sized glory. You can download the game here. Have fun! You can read the full tutorial below, or click here to download the tutorial in PDF format [10mb].

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    Tech Tuesday:Audio Player

    ** This post will be written inĀ  BM ** Pernah nampak tak pemain audio dalam blog geng panoda rakan-rakan anda? AudioPlayer adalah antara plugin yg senang untuk meletakkan lagu ke dalam post anda dengan cara yg cantik dan menarik. Click utk baca cara-cara (step-by-step) utk menginstallkan plugin itu dlm blog anda.Atau download tutorial ini dalam bentuk PDF dari [sini].