Create your own Twitter Character!

This is a pretty cool “customized” infographic for you Twitter users out there. Quite fun and interesting project from the people over at

Get your own here –


One of my gripes about the infographic is that I don’t seem to have a unique URL to show people my character. So what I did was I screenshot the whole thing so that I can share it here.

Whoops my bad, you can get a short unique URL to show people. And also, I’ve noticed that it seems to track back only to a certain time, meaning the topics are what you’ve talked about in the past few days or past 1 week, I’m not sure. This is because my character this week is different from the one I did above. Also it’ll be quite cute if I can actually use the character created as my display picture automatically.

But still quite cute and good work from & @shanesnow

Twitter on ‘Men Carrying Handbags’

cristiano-ronaldo-man-bag-handbag-purseSee, even Cristiano Ronaldo has a clutch

I was sitting in Starbucks the other day, when I saw this guy carrying this tote (thats a big handbag for you lads) while his girlfriend walked beside him, empty handed. I thought it looked weird so I decided to ask Twitter.

Question : Tweeps, what do u guys think of Guys carrying their Gf/fiancee/wife’s handbag while they are out? Yes, No, WTF?

@spinzer : @icednyior I love doing it. makes me feel rich when my partner can go shopping for all she wants? #

@lightyoruichi : No #

@wssoo : Yes. next time girl should bring along their bf while shopping for handbag coz bf are the one carrying it most of the time instead. yeap, once we step in to the mall i will be holding it alr.even hold a handbag for fren too..# #

@nicklwc: lol im fine with it. especially since at times i stuff it with subway sandwiches and other drinks to sneak it into the cinema :P # or when she complains that its heavy :) i rly dont understand the concept of “holding bag = less macho” :P #

@faliqfahmie : ok if for a short while, i.e when shes going to the toilet. NO for the entire outing -___-‘ #

@thatjames : Takes a real man to pull it off. *ahem* #

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Malaysian Twitter Users put Rais Yatim on Trending topics #yorais

“Malaysians, especially Muslims, must avoid being totally immersed in the internet culture, especially Facebook and Twitter, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He added that facilities like internet could not be accepted wholly because it was a form of business introduced by the West and “Malaysians were just users.”

Yes, all this coming from the Info Comm minister of Malaysia in a local newspaper The Star. Read the full article here.

As can be expected, the Msian Twitter-ers are not happy and came up with a hashtag #yorais that talks about how old, ancient and backward thinking he is.

And the best part, it made it in the current top trending topics in Twitter. Here’s a screenshot for proof. LOL! Malaysia & Twitter boleh?


Some sample #yorais tweets :

  • #yorais is so ancient, when asked about ‘good ol’ days’, he replies, “BC or AD?”.
  • Rais is so ancient that the word “past”,”history” and “sejarah” hasn’t existed. #yorais
  • #yorais Rais is so ancient, he anyams his own clothes
  • first rice plant after him. #yorais
  • In the afterlife, you’ll identify Rais right away. He’s so old, he has no navel. #yorais
  • Rais is so ancient he once asked Socrates, “Kenapa you ni suka tanya banyak soalan?” #yorais

Check out Twitter for more #yorais

Updates :

Check out Spinzer’s post, it has a dynamic chart to show how fast the hashtag is rising.