Tutorial : Use a WordPress blog to backup your Twitter tweets


Okay, first you will have to setup a new wordpress blog or you can use your existing one. In this tutorial, i set up a new wordpress blog at TwitterBackup to separate my tweets from my blog posts.

If you’re using a separate blog for your twitter posts first thing you need to do is go to the Settings > Discussion and Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. This is so that people can’t comment on your posts.

FireShot capture #065 - 'Discussion Settings ‹ Twitter Backup — WordPress' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup_wp-admin_options-discussion_php Continue reading

Most Influential Twitter Users in Malaysia

WeFollow is a site where you can tag your twitter account to certain tags such as Malaysia, web design, marketing, etc.

Anyway, they recently added a Most Influential list. The screenshot above shows the Most Influential tagged under Malaysia. Big names such as staronline, tekong, hongkiat, nikicheong, theBackpackr, blogjunkie, mohdismail, kidchan, khailee and MalaysianLife is in the top 10. Im not, but 11th place is good enough :D

Its still quite a mystery how they calculate it tho. Does anyone know?