Twestival KL – Tweet. Meet. Give

Tweet up – A meetup of people who use Twitter, also called Tweeters or Twitter-ers
Twestival - Event or festival organized under short timescales & 100% run by volunteers, for fundraising/charity.

Pic by @reubenhot

In this case, Twestival KL was run by a small organizing committee comprising of @Ling_chan @davidlian @Suanie @radianceleong @nigelais @Eevon @nikicheong and all proceeds were to be given to Destiny Starting Point, a home for delinquent youths in Klang to turn their life around.

I reached Mist Club Bangsar at around 7.10-7.15pm since it wasn’t very jammed, surprisingly. Got awesome parking in the front. Hehe! Walked in and saw the 1901 Hotdogs booth and some cupcakes frm Cupcake Chic. Was too stuffed to eat tho.

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[Twitter] Updates for 10 July 2008

  • Morning people! Today is the trip to manukan island for a morning of sun, surf and beach. Whee~ #
  • Am at the jesselton point wharf, deciding which island to go to #
  • This is the life – relaxing at d beach, beer in one hand, ciggie in another, gossiping with good frens #
  • Am finally back at the mainland. Hot! Hot! Hot! #
  • Im doing my first tattoo today. Nervous! #
  • I broke my tattoo virginity. Lol! Cant wait to upload d pic #
  • – My very first tattoo #
  • Hanging out in rhumba,le meridian KK. Drinking chivas with gud frens #

[Twitter] Updates for 8 July 2008

  • Last nights wedding was good. Only got back at 1am then finally slept at 2am after a long day of abt 22 hrs #
  • Went to one borneo for a while. Quite boring coz d shops not fully open #
  • Ahh so stuffed. Had 2 reg pizzas at pizza hut, city mall. No, we din get to finish it. #
  • Sprained my ankle tis morning coz i missed a step. Painful :-( boo hoo #
  • @ehon hv a safe flight. Not dropping by kl? #

[Twitter] Updates for 6 July 2008

  • The day before d wedding, up and about by 8.30am. Lotsa things to do today #
  • So many things to prepare for a wedding. Would i want to get married? Hehe #
  • Having lunch at wisma merdeka. Dang this place looks exactly the same after 4 yrs #
  • Doing my first ever manicure. Cutting d cuticle is painful #
  • Mondays shld b self pampering days to beat d monday blues. Esok kan my frens wedding. Manatau jumpa laki yg tegap lg ensem dan kaya #
  • – My manicured nails #
  • I went to le meridian kk toilet and it smells like asam! Then there was a crackling plastic sound. Sum1 is eating sumtin sour in d toile … #
  • The standard room in le meridian kk is so nice. note to self, must stay here 1day. kena cari org utk byr dulu. hehe #
  • am at city mall picking up the bouquets and corsages. champagne colourd roses and baby’s breathe. gorgeous! #
  • Rushing to d wedding rehersal at sacred heart cathedral. Its been a long2 day #
  • Today is d wedding! I just woke up. Urgh, hardly had 5 hrs of sleedp #
  • I just found out that the groom’s bro/ best man was asking if im single. LOL! #