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    The Perfect Wedding Song

    It is thought that young girls spend their childhood dreaming up the perfect wedding. I don’t remember doing such a thing, but sometime in my teens, i came across this song and thought that its such an amazing song. I remember going to my teacher’s wedding, and she played the piano as she and her husband sang a duet. I forgot the song but their performance was so full of love that I wish (hope?) that if my future husband can sing, the song below would be what I would like him to sing during our wedding ^_^. That is..if i actually do get married. haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aHgYCBf1N0

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    [Video] Love Hurts (Cover) – Marié Digby

    This is one of my favourite covers from Marie Digby. This song is originally by Incubus. Nice yea? Lyrics are in the spoiler. [spoiler]Tonight we drink to youth And holding fast the truth Don’t want to lose what I had as a boy My heart still has a beat But love is now a feat As common as a cold day in L.A. Sometimes when I’m alone I wonder Is there a spell that I am under Keeping me from seeing the real thing Love hurts But sometimes it’s a good hurt And it feels like I’m alive Love sings When it transcends the bad things Have a heart and…

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    [Video] Ungu – Cinta Dalam Hati

    Mungkin ini memang jalan takdirku Mengagumi tanpa di cintai Tak mengapa bagiku asal kau pun bahagia Dalam hidupmu, dalam hidupmu Telah lama kupendam perasaan itu Menunggu hatimu menyambut diriku Tak mengapa bagiku cintaimu pun adalah Bahagia untukku, bahagia untukku Ku ingin kau tahu diriku di sini menanti dirimu Meski ku tunggu hingga ujung waktuku Dan berharap rasa ini kan abadi untuk selamanya Dan izinkan aku memeluk dirimu kali ini saja Tuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk selamanya Dan biarkan rasa ini bahagia untuk sekejab saja http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w3SSIMIPBg “Dan izinkan aku memeluk dirimu kali ini saja untuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk selamanya dan biarkan rasa ini bahagia untuk sekejab saja”

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    Download XP Drivers for HP Compaq f732AU

    *credit to loritanah* These Windows XP drivers were obtained from a live chat with a HP Technician. Use at your own risk if you’re downgrading from Windows Vista to Windows XP on your Compaq F 732 AU. Disclaimer :HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site. HP and http://me.zestful.org is not responsible for any damages to your pc. NVIDIA nForce 630M Chipset http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/nForce/650i/8.43_nforce_650i_winxp32_english.exe OR http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/163.71/163.71_forceware_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe Video driver: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp33501-34000/sp33537.exe 1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter. 2. Right click on “Video Controllers” and click Update driver. 3. Select “Install from a list or specific location” 4. Click…

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    Video:Here in my Home

    Taken from Yasmin Ahmad’s blog, On the 24th of April, 2008, about 100 volunteers gathered at KLPAC and made a video about being One People in a nation of many. The song, “Here In My Home”, was written by Pete Teo. The music video is officially described as having been directed by Ho Yuhang and Yasmin Ahmad, but in truth, the celebrities who had come forth to offer their time and energy for free, pretty much directed themselves. Yuhang and I knew, at the very onset of the project, that we did not want fancy camera moves or graphics that would have brought attention upon themselves. (Music videos have a…