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    Batang Arang Power?

    The whole world is shaken today. I personally have received sms-es and emails regarding it. Congrats Obama for being the new US president. Its about time someone else stepped up. I hope you can make US a better place :) Anyway, I was laughing at my friend when he told me the news. Note that he’s dark coz he has some Indian blood mixed in him: H: obama is the new US president me: dah kuar final results meh? H: dah H: they just announce H: http://www.msn.com/ me: i saw the news this morning H: hehe H: Batang arang power … heheheh me: like urs? Haha H: maybe kot.. H:…

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    [Video] Freeze for World Earth Day

    As you know, Hitz.FM in collaboration with Random Alphabets and United Colours of Malaysia decided to host a freeze in conjunction with World Earth Day. Participants were required to freeze in positions that created awareness about the state of our earth today such as pollution, etc etc. You can read more about it in my previous post here. These are the videos from the event: