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    [Video] Love Hurts (Cover) – MariĆ© Digby

    This is one of my favourite covers from Marie Digby. This song is originally by Incubus. Nice yea? Lyrics are in the spoiler. [spoiler]Tonight we drink to youth And holding fast the truth Don’t want to lose what I had as a boy My heart still has a beat But love is now a feat As common as a cold day in L.A. Sometimes when I’m alone I wonder Is there a spell that I am under Keeping me from seeing the real thing Love hurts But sometimes it’s a good hurt And it feels like I’m alive Love sings When it transcends the bad things Have a heart and…

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    [Video] Freeze for World Earth Day

    As you know, Hitz.FM in collaboration with Random Alphabets and United Colours of Malaysia decided to host a freeze in conjunction with World Earth Day. Participants were required to freeze in positions that created awareness about the state of our earth today such as pollution, etc etc. You can read more about it in my previous post here. These are the videos from the event:

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    [Video] Sufiah Yusof’s Confession on Sex

    I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the Sufiah Yusof, the mathematical genius who at the tender age of 13 was offered a place in Oxford, who now is a prostitute for a living. Perhaps the only reason why everyone is so kecoh about it is that she’s has a Malaysian mother (she’s British people, get ur facts right!) and is a Muslim. Exclusive video interview on her confession about sex after the jump!

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    This is an uber cute video which I saw at hafreze’s blog. The little girl is soooo adorable, i just want to pinch her cheeks! :x Wateva!! 8-| ~~~~~~~~ This conversation occurred in the tag this afternoon So, ko org puasa penuh tak?