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I’d rather be at :
1. LaundryBar, chilling, listening to live music with the drinks on the house
2. a hotel room, naked, snuggling under the sheets with a loved one
3. in miri, partying with my closest friends
4. in london, shopping on an unlimited budget

I visit these websites everyday:
1. Bloglines – My feeds
2. my flickr
3. Gmail
4. GCalendar

I enjoy eating:
1. Japanese food
2. Mexican food – sadly havent found a good place in KL :(
3. Chillis~!!!
4. Dominos :P

Heaven is where I hope to meet (if i get there that is):
1. GOD
2. Jesus
3. My late sister, Grace
4. angels

I’ll recommend to everyone :
1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho [link]
2. The Icewind Dale Trilogy (the book, not the game) – R.A. Salvatore [link]
3. Hour Game – David Baldacci [link]
4. The Partner – John Grisham [link]

I’ve lived :
1. illegally in an empty room in a guy’s hostel (me and my gal pal malas nak balik, so stayed there)
2. in my dad’s kampung 10 miles away from kuching for a month or sowhile my parents were in Europe
3. in SEVEN different houses in kota kinabalu, Sabah, over a span of 7 years
4. in a cramped room meant for 2 with 4 girls

Movie/Couch Potato Favourites:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Prison Break
3. Lost
4. A Walk to Remember

I tag:
1. Farah “Gedik” Bella [link]
2. Allylicious [link]
3. puteri [link]
4. everyone else

I finally satisfied my Sarawak kolok mee cravings coz my parents bought back some frm their recent trip to Kuching

Kolok mee

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