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Test results

Wat a day….juz 2 days ago I was happy coz I got back my Physics test paper and managed to pass. Even tho i didnt know bout d test until my fren called my hp while i was still sleeping.

Today, got back a Math test paper that i really studied for. I FAILED badly!!!! Arrgghh!!!!

Yesterday didnt really feel like going out. Loudspeaker & Orange Juice said they we’re going but last minute they went out. Oh well…the Arab guys are really paying for it coz they’re dead tired and they got a test today.

Tonite is the graduation for Foundation students…makes me kinda regret having to repeat a few subjects. Anyway, i managed to get free tickets so I’ll be going later..hehe..yippie!

Feeling really sleepy now coz i didnt sleep last nite…spent the whole nite laughing wif old sch frens online…haha….but it was worth it

Till my next post…..*Muaks*

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