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Thank you for coming to the BBQ dinner

As I sit in my room in front of the PC nibbling of remnants of an orange drenched cake (one of my favourite cakes to bake) with chocolate frosting (made by Betty Crocker to save time), I am feeling utterly blessed to have such great friends.

Friends who would plan, organize and most importantly attend a BBQ party that was put together at the very last minute (less than 24 hrs). Friends who would take the LRT to and fro from my place just to come. Friends with whom I can have a BBQ dinner with lamb, chicken wings, sausages, fishballs mash potatoes and mee hoon. Friends which I can clink glasses of JD coke and white chardonnay with. Friends to play cho tai di with. Friends who lepak at my place till 4am and even help clean up.

To : Pam, Aree, Jazzy, Mag, Ayman + 2 friends, Craig, Fariz, Afdzal + gf, Jef, Linda and Erni, Thanks soo much!


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