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That rainy day..

Remember how heavy the rain was last Tuesday (yesterday)?

Well I didn’t go to class on Tuesday (4-8pm) because I was sick – sneezing non stop since Tuesday morning due to a bad cold. Then it started raining heavily in the afternoon. I mean like really heavily, cats and dogs. Even my mom asked me not to go to class beause the rain was too heavy to drive long distance. Very loud thunder and lighting thrown in.

At one point there was this really bright flash of light and loud thunder and there was a trip. Luckily my laptop wasn’t plugged in at this time. Had to flick the switch on the power box – whatever it’s called. Then everything went back to normal. Or was it? First thing I noticed was that the internet was down. Went back out of my room to check the modem/router and found out that the modem had no lights. Electrocuted.

Oh, then my mom got a call from my youngest sis. She (my sis) tumpang-ed her tuition teacher to Centerpoint and as she was exiting the car, the opened the door and a car langgar-ed the door. Yep, pure carelessness. She didn’t even look out for a car before opening the door. Typical of her. My parents were pissed! My dad was like “all of you is like that, always accident. Feli (my sis) doesn’t even drive also can have this kind of accident.”

Mom had to drive to go pick her up while G and I were bored at home. No internet maa. So we wanted to go down to watch TV. Went downstairs and tried to on the TV. To no avail, electrocuted also. *sigh* Which added to my mom’s pissiness (is there such a word?) when she came back. Because the TV is her only source of entertainment at home.

Well, we managed to get a new modem & fix up the Internet that night. So yey for that! If not, I’d have to resort to watching all my DVDs which i downloaded and never watched. LOL!

p/s: Zestful Eats has been updated (after being on a haitus for a while). Go check it out!

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