The Body Shop Malaysia 2010 Sale + price list

21 May , 2010  

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Yes ladies! Its here! Woot! From 21 May to 13 June 2010, all the West Malaysia outlets are on sale (refer here). Not sure about Sabah or Sarawak though. I first found out about it from the shoppingnsales site and later got a list of the items on sales from Miu.

body shop sale 2010 list

Besides the items mentioned above, there are some Sets (eg, 3 x mini body lotion in nice bamboo/woody box) on sale for 50% or less. I popped by TBS outlet in Bangsar Shopping Center (while dragging my colleague along) and got my Body Shop Fix.

body shop sale 2010 haul

My Haul

Pomegranate Body Polish (200ml)

  • Retail price : RM38.00
  • Discount : 70%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 10.26

Body & Shower Gel – Peach & Raspberry (250ml)

  • Retail Price: RM24.90
  • Discount : 50%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 11.20

Body & Shower Gel – Cassis Rose (250ml)

  • Retail Price: RM29.90
  • Discount : 50%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 13.45

Body Puree Wild Cherry (forgot the volume)

  • Retail Price: RM45.00
  • Discount : 50%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 20.25

Pressed Face Powder – 04 (not in pic)

  • Retail Price: RM63
  • Discount : 10%
  • Price after discount + 10% members = RM 51.03

I bought a total of 8 + 1 (for colleague) items amounting to RM150+. Some other Items that I remember:

  • Body puree raspberry – 50%
  • Body & Shower Gel (400ml) Pink Grapefruit – 50% = RM22+ or so
  • Mandarin Orange Shower Gel + Body Lotion set – 70% i think
  • Bath lily, scrub = 10%
  • Soaps – 10%
  • EVERYTHING in the store is on sale, at least 5%
  • These makeup items pictured are 30%-50% off. Lip glosses, the multi blush, etc. Other makeup items all 10% off

The sale will be until 13 June and applicable for everyone.
Members Special : On 21-23 May, all members get 10% off already discounted prices.

Note that the member’s special is calculated like this:

If the item RP is RM10 the discount is 50%,
The price will be RM 5 minus 10% member discount
TOTAL= RM 4.50

Not a total of 60% discount on the item. Remember this, because I did some miscalculation in the beginning. Also a tip, choose an outlet that is less crowded. I remember how packed it was at the Midvalley outlet during the last sale. I swear it was madness.

So tell about your haul :D


Decided to update with more price lists from readers :)

  • tea tree cover stick for RM16 (50% off) and pomegranate body spray for RM10 (70% off) – chloe
  • Tea Tree Facial Scrub = RM20 – @junw3n

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8 Responses

  1. chloe says:

    nice haul! I went over to SACC Mall in shah alam and thank goodness it was not crowded, only a few people inside. I bought tea tree cover stick for RM16 (50% off) and pomegranate body spray for RM10 (70% off). Not a member :(

  2. IcedNyior says:

    Hi chloe,

    thanks for the info. I will add it to my post okay :)

  3. lulu says:

    how to extract a particular comment link(url) from facebook wall? like what you did above.

  4. IcedNyior says:

    Hi Lulu,

    You click on the time of the person’s message, then you’ll get the link to that particular comment/post :D

    If you need more explaination, pls email – me[at]

    Hope that helps.

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  6. quiyah says:

    hi babe,
    i bought the travelling set for vit e range.. there’s small bottles of the cleanser, toner, day cream and night cream.
    the actual price was RM 69.90, then after discount it was RM 42++.
    it was quite good..

  7. wani says:

    i went to bodyshop jusco au2. wanna get body polish juz like u did, but it turns out to be only 10% disc. weird!
    im going to check d price at other stores.hope can get 70% :]

  8. Lucyana says:

    Please give me a contact number Body Shop in Malaysia cuz i want buy some Vanila Body shop Parfume,
    Please confirm me ASAP
    thank you

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