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The New Happy Family

Most of you know that Im going back to Kota Kinabalu to attend one of my closest friend’s wedding. Mag was engaged to Tim two years ago and are finally tying the knot this year. The first of my circle of high school friends to get married. I wonder where they are going to stay tho. Currently I think they are staying at her parent’s house but it might be a bit uncomfortable after they get married because she has a younger brother and its a single story house so the close quarters might be uncomfortable.

Perhaps she should start getting interested in real estate. I think finding a house can be so tedious and stressful. There are some realtors who show people a few houses then expects you to buy and harress you until you do.

But the people at DROdio are not like that. First you search for the houses that suit the type and location that you want. Then they give you the addresses of the houses so you can drive yourself there and check it out for yourself without feeling any obligation. If you need help, then only you give them a ring, at any time you want, even midnight. Helpful yea?

I think that Mag & Tim would certainly want their own home so that they can raise their kids in a good environment. Here’s to a happy family.

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