The Perfect Wedding Song

It is thought that young girls spend their childhood dreaming up the perfect wedding. I don’t remember doing such a thing, but sometime in my teens, i came across this song and thought that its such an amazing song.

I remember going to my teacher’s wedding, and she played the piano as she and her husband sang a duet. I forgot the song but their performance was so full of love that I wish (hope?) that if my future husband can sing, the song below would be what I would like him to sing during our wedding ^_^.

That is..if i actually do get married. haha

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  • samanosuke_04

    lagu yang ko maksudkan cikgu ko maen tue Marriage d Amor ke? sebab tue antara lagu piano pasal kawen yang femes yang aku tau..

    huhu, lagu kat atas tue.. xbest XD.. rasanya banyak lagi lagu kawen yang best.. :D

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