The satisfaction in money

I got my pay the other day (I was working part time during my holidays) after almost two months of waiting. Took out some money to pay debts – 100 to G coz i needed money for books, 25 to Put for the BBQ last week & 40 to erin for the play Broken Bridges *iklan*watch it at KLPAC!*iklan*

My fren was so kind as to pick me up from uni for some time now so I isi petrol (bout RM20) and we went to OU for a fantastic meal at Sushi King. Have been eyeing that Tempura set and jellyfish sushi for ages. The bill was of course pretty steep but at least I puas hati :D After that went window shopping – still am looking for a white tote bag but still havent found any that is satisfactory enough.

I bought a tortoise for myself at OU. Its soo cute :D and cheap too! Its 6.50 for the tortoise itself and rm5 for the glass bowl. Also picked up a swaroski (sp?) jewellry set – necklace, earrings, bracelet – for my mom who’s birthday is today. Happy Birthday MOM!! (No point writing out long and eloquent speeches *like some ppl* because mom doesnt read this anyway.)

I’ve found that the most interesting thing about having money is that you have less to worry about. No need to think if you would be short at the end of the month or think “if i buy this now, would i have to eat Maggi for the next few weeks?” Of course I have to keep my money and not spend it all. Im planning to open a maybank savings account and keep RM800-1000 there and *try* not to touch it.

But the most satisfaction I got was not thru spending money, but something else. I have two younger sisters – if you dont kno yet – aged 18 and 15 respectively. I’d admit that my family isn’t the richest one around and neither are we poor but there are things that we have to control and cut down in order to fit our budget – especially after we moved to PJ because the cost of living here is a lot higher then back in East Malaysia. I digress.

Anyway, I decided to give some pocket money to my sisters. We (me included) only get a monthly allowance of RM250-150/mth and we pay for everything ourself – food (when we eat out like in uni), transport, entertainment, shopping and everything else, except for school books and clothes. We have to be very thrifty and sometimes its slightly short (esp since we are the type that always goes out with friends) but we manage somehow.

The look on their faces (esp my youngest sis who is *always* short of money by mid month) was one of such estatic joy and excitement that I cant even describe it. And the way they said “thank you jie (older sister)” was really touching. Makes me wish that I made more so that I can give them much-much more.

I think that experience made me realize that spending money is not that important, but giving or using it for a good cause is :D

Been really busy, sorry for not replying ur emails earlier BlackFeline (got like 3 of ur emails in 2 days :P) and AN i havent started on your template…Im fully concentrating on my website project now coz the client wants it ASAP.

Have a great weekend people :D


  • Mas

    iced bebeh..when u have master the habit of pleaseee share it with me. money that comes into my hand slips easileyyyhh..

    happy birthday to your mom too..though i know yur mom dun read this.. sumtimes peeps like me write it down because depan org tu we’re less expressive..sumthin like that laaa..

    gud luck on the web project…

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