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The Story of my KK Trip

18th Jan 2005 (Tue)

My flight was at 4.25 pm to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah transit Miri, Sarawak. Was delayed in Miri for an hour due to a “technical error that had to be corrected before departure”. Friends in KK had to wait anxiously for an hour because there was no way to contact them (I did not get down from the plane during the transit because it was only supposed to be for 45 mins). No, I did not use AirAsia but MAS.

Erin, Mag, Derek and Yapp were faithfully waiting in KK airport (love u guys! Muax!) then we went to Tg Aru Beach to eat satay & drink coconut (which costs a bomb and was yucky). Then Mag, Glad & I went to The Beach Club (TBC) to looksee.

There was lots of people there. Probably because it was ladies nite. I just sat at the bar observing people when this guy next to me started buying me drinks (by the jug). But he was really quiet, so we juz sat and enjoyed the music. I never took so much vodka lime & vodka coke like that nite. Needless to say, that is so goin to be the last time i drink so much.

Note: yes people, i do drink. and with a quite high tolerance as well, meaning i dont get drunk easily.

19th Jan 2005 (Wed)

Woke up late (read: hangover. my first :P) then went to Mag’s place in the afternoon. Lepak around in her place, chit chat then picked Liz* to go to TBC (yeah yeah, same place as yesterday). Met a couple of guys, went to R&B (another club – very lame name but nice songs) dance there. The atmosphere there reminded me of Bar Flam in Bangsar and Coyote Ugly in Miri (coz of the bar top dancing).

Mag, Liz & G was busy snogging & dancing around. As USUAL, I was juz sitting at the corner, drinking & observing. Coz I don’t do the snog-and-dance-for-free-drinks things, I find it kinda degrading. Yes I admit, I did do that a few times before (not including the snogging) but after that I decided that I didn’t want to act like a slut for the sake of free drinks because being labeled as a slut in a club is so very degrading (I have many friends who are actually labeled like that already, no mentioning of names tho).

However, I do not judge any of my friends who actually do that. My view is like this : you do your thing, and I’ll do mine. And we don’t interfere with each other.

*Name changed to protect privacy

20th Jan 2005 (Thurs)

Went to Centerpoint Sabah (CPS) “mall” for lunch. Wanted to eat Dreamfood (but it was closed :( ) Drank at Yoyo Ice – this shop that sells great milky tea. Looked around the “mall” and played para-para (I suck at it already) then went back.

Went out for dinner wif my koko, Lian, who I met for the first time that nite :D he brought me to eat Italian food at Lil Italy and paid for it. Sat and chit chat for ages, till the restaurant almost closed then went to meet his friends at Easyway (the bubble/milky tea shop).

By that time a friend of mine – codenamed A – was pissed coz we had plans to meet and when I asked em to go ahead first, she was accusing me of putting a guy first and ditching my friends. A was goin on and on about how I was ditching them and insisted that I get Lian to send me there at that very moment. I just asked her to go ahead first then put down the phone.

Managed to meet up with A & frens later. Did the usual.

21st Jan 2005 (Fri)

It was the last night for this 8-piece band Detour from Manila to play at TBC. Detour is one of the best bands I’ve heard and I’ve heard my fair share of live bands – both good and bad – not to mention that they have a really cute lead singer (who is unfortunately gay but as my galpals say “it doesn’t hurt to look”) and another equally good looking singer (who is straight, thank god! :P). They sing well but were going back to the Philippines. Their last performance was really good with mostly R&B songs, some alternative and Linkin Park type songs.

The DJs played really good songs that night so overall, it was a great nite for music & dancing. Though a bit sad because Detour was leaving so there were lotsa hugs and handshakes and camera flashes all around.

Oh yeah, I met Mark – an old friend I haven’t seen for 3-4 years. The first time we met was at this church camp in Telupid. Imagine our shock at seeing each other in a club. Haha! He was there to observe the band – coz he has a band of his own.

22nd Jan 2005 (Sat)

Mag and I did this spur of the moment thing. We popped into a salon and got really ferocious birght red highlights. everyone was shocked..haha…lepaked around CPS looking at baju.

I met Erin, Arthur (who juz flew down from Russia) and Ivan (back from Adelaide for the holidays) at the Nyonya Penang place where they were having dinner. We chit chat for some time to catch up with each other’s lives.

While we were talking, i heard someone call out my name then when i looked up, i saw Nikki – yes, one of the top 10 in Malaysian Idol – with her “entourage” comprising of Jessy Anne, Charlene and Chelster, all my ex-classmates. She’s so classy and “made up” from when i last saw her (2 yrs ago), well, i guess she has a standard to meet now that she’s famous.

went to TBC that night to check out the new band called Hip2Soul (what is with the lame names?). My verdict : they cant really sing well and they are kinda old. I think one of the female lead singer (they hv 2 gals & 1 guy) is probably like late 30s or something. Come on..when ur that age, please please DONT sing in a club.

A had plans with us earlier but ditched us for the new guy she was seeing. At first she accuses me..then goes and does the same thing herself…wtf?

went to Melinsung after that with Erin. Melinsung is this housing area next to the beach, with like nice condos – very resort like. Lepak at the beach, went swimming, ate keropok. had great fun.

23 – 25 Jan 2005

Didnt do much. Stayed at home mostly. Only went out clubbing on 25th (Tues). Mag got really drunk, so i had to jaga her, but everything went ok eventually.

26 Jan 2005 (Wed)

Lian brought me out for dinner. Went to Tg Aru Beach but didnt find anything attractive to eat so we went to Heritage and ate Chicken Chop. That chicken chop place serves gigantic pieces for really cheap – bout RM 8 i think. Went back around 10.30 pm coz he had to be at work at 6 am (but he overslept the next day. LOL!)

27 Jan 2005 (Thursday)

Lian brought me out for dinner again, this time with another friend of ours (Amy) and her bf. We went to eat at this coffeeshop that sells western food – again :P – and i ate lamb chop. Quite nice. We chit-chatted till about 10 sumthing.

When i got back to my cousin’s place – im staying wif them in KK – they were all out. So i had to wait beside the swimming pool while getting bitten by mosquitos. They only got back after 11++ pm. :(

28th Jan 2005 (Friday)

I went to CPS for lunch at BK with Erin. She was waiting for Arthur coz they were going to watch a movie. Then Ong passed by and said hi..and we exchanged our news and phone numbers. Then I met 2 of my high sch seniors. And after Erin & Art left, I met Lian and Amy. Haha! We took some pics and talked for a while before i went back.

That evening I went to Lil Italy for dinner with Arthur, Erin & Derek (who’s back from Sydney on holiday). Ivan came along soon after. Then the guys walked us back to near my hse (they also wanted to take a taxi) and i went back, took a change of clothing and met Mag & Liz* in TBC for my last nite clubbing before goin back. After clubbing & playin pool in TBC, we then club-hopped to R&B (to finish half a bottle of JD. LOL!). In short, we all had a great time.

29th Jan 2005 (Sat)

Slept at Mag’s place last nite. Went to CPS for a bit & went to play pool, then went to sleepover at her place, talked for ages, watched TV. Sleep. Was VERY sober. LOL!

30th Jan 2005 (Sun)

Went to church today (!!) yes church :P Met old church friends and a lot of my parents friends. Everyone commented on my damn ganas hair :P Went for lunch at McD, played PPP for the last time with Aaron, then went back to zip up my bag and rush to the airport. Was ALMOST late, the check in counter closed after me. LOL!

Flew back to KL and arrived at approx 8 pm


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