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The waiting game

I never liked to play the waiting game. It annoys me how some girls (or guys *jeling kat Z*) can just wait for their bf/gf to sms back then wonder every minute why they didn’t contact them. All kinds of things will go thru their mind, "Is he/she with someone else?", "He/she promised to call", "He/she must be busy at work…err..i think so" and then they’ll start overthinking it.

Well, today I was forced to play the waiting game. He had to work at a no-handphones-allowed place so he lent his hp with his sibling for the day. Made me promise not to call/text the whole day Sunday. Promised to call Monday in the wee hours of the morning.

Obviously he didn’t call la kan? If not I won’t be writing this post. Couldn’t sleep anyway so spent time texting my exbf (we parted as friends and besides he’s one of the very few Sarawakian friends I hv here in KL) and also making Brownie Biscuits (very easy biscuits. Recipe at Zestful Eats ). Baking is so theraputic for me. LOL!

Oh, back to the waiting game. So yea, Girls (and guy *jeling Z*) don’t bother waiting for that call/sms. Put your mind on other things that are more productive. Why? Because even if you overanalyze and think so much about it, it wont make him/her call you any faster. Plus, well most of the time you actually do realize and know the real reason why he/she didn’t call.

Like in my case, I’m pretty sure he fell asleep without remembering or perhaps tak larat to call. Ta-daaaa…simple.

p/s: If he/she doesn’t give a good reason. Then you pula give silent treatment lor, two can play at that game. LOL!


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