Theme Change : Polaris

blogtheme_6aprYea, its yet another theme change. I’ve lots my mood/time/inspiration for blogging and usually a theme change does the trick.

Its really hard to find a theme that isn’t full of huge photos (I don’t really post up a lot of photos on my blog so it seems like there’s no point if my theme features photos) or a magazine style. I settled for this one instead.

Previously I was using simplista (pic on left) but currently  using Polaris by WPCorner. Free theme of course

The admin page for this is rather confusing as there are extra options for mobile and Menus. Odd. But I guess this is ok for now. Needs more tweaking though – mainly the header to change the logo and also the categories above.

I also upgraded my PHP version to v5 so I’m there are no errors *fingers crossed*

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