Theme Change!

I kinda got annoyed with the fixed width of my previous theme Areia Azul which was smaller than 400px and I can’t change it. Plus it was looking a bit too cluttered. So I decided to change themes. It was surprisingly fast to change themes coz I didn’t change any elements of the sidebar so it was mostly copy paste.

I’m currently using Smashing Theme – a simple mainly white with orangey highlights – by DesignDisease. I’m a big fan of DesignDisease’s very colourful free themes such as Illicrimo with its various hues of blues and yellows, GossipCity with its starry pictures (I’ve used the previous two it in my blog before) and Dilecto with its oranges and swirls (but I didn’t like the width of the post content thats why I didnt use it).

Tell me what you think?


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