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These foolish games…..are tearing me, tearing me….they’re tearing me apart

Im kind of got into an argument with my dad – something about my crazy sleeping & waking hours, my time on the internet (come on, we have broadband, doesnt matter how often i go, still d same price!), and on and on…

So in a fit of stubborness, i said i wouldnt be sleeping tonight either.

Do i regret saying that? No!

The downside? I didnt sleep last nite coz too busy chatting & downloading so I only had like 1 hr sleep before waking up at 7 am to get ready for uni.

meaning this is going to be practically 2 days of not sleeping……i’ve done more..but i was sick this week and lack of sleep is taking its toll

Me and my big mouth…………

NO! i DONT regret wat i said and i will never ever take back anything I say or write
Current mood: Stubbornly insolent

p/s: i’ve removed the link to my blog from my MSN nick…..coz after a few incidents, i realized that the more ppl know about my blog, the harder it will be to write my true feelings. So yeah…..

8.39 PM

Still havent really talked my dad. I did talk to my mom only essential things. I was SO sleepy, i was nodding off in Business class (9am) and i fell asleep in the library after, got shocked away by my phone vibrating and rushed in time for class.

Anyway I made Pizza {heard that merv?! :P} and it was yummylicious!


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