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This is the longest day of my life – Jack Bauer

12 October 2005
:: Morning – 8am ::

My day started early today, had to wake up at 8 coz Nick came to pick me up at 8.30 coz we had to be at uni b4 9.30am for choir. Thrs an exhibition of Posters Of the World from the Swiss ambassador’s private collection & an exhibition of Albert Einstein’s life (even his orginal passport was displayed). We (the choir) hv been practicing the song Edelweiss & Kami anak msia for 2-3 weeks already.

Had a full dress rehersal at 10 am when Tan Sri LKW asked us to change the malay song to an english one. Everyone was so pissed but no choice, so we decided to sing You raise me up (Josh Groban) with Reena (our leader) singing the verse solo and we singing the chorus.

We only finished the whole function at about noon.


Had math class at 12.30-2pm. After that I went wif Laila Isabela and Afundi eL to Cheras to beramas-mesra interbiu the maktab polis ppl about the firewall & computer system they were using. Before that dah tukar baju sbb malu pakai t-shirt itam limkokwing.

All the pak polisi were so semangat in giving us whatever we needed and were really helpful. (Probably coz they were bored and had nothing to troubleshoot – maklum la….jaga server). We ols siap ambil gambar kat server room yg sejuk giler and all the equipment yg berribu-ribu so that’s whr all our duit saman goes. Finished around 4-5 pm.


Went to a “bazaar” ramadhan at street mall, cyberjaya. Bazaar apa entah….4-5 gerai je, beli nasi ayam, lekor, tomyam, kuih, air. Then went to Mani (our Iranian classmate) punya apartment to makan & lepak.

His house SOOO nice, and SOOO clean. He has 2 other Iranian housemates (all guys) but the place doesnt look like a students accommodation. Seriously clean! My room is more messier. So we makan-makan and berlepak-lepakan thr until around 9 sumthing pm. I siap chatting lagi…hehe!

:: NIGHT ::
Went to the bas stop with Laila Isabella (Afundi went back already)…tgk tgk..dah miss the bus to LKW/Serdang (ingatkan nak naik komuter from Serdang to KLCentral then naik LRT back home). That was almost 10pm. Then wait wait wait….bas tak sampai sampai. Rasa panic pun dah naik skit. Eventually around 10:45 pm Laila took a taxi to campus & I took a bas to the Putrajaya ERL.

Sampai kat ERL station, buka wallet, tinggal RM6.50 in cash. SHIT!!! Ticket is rm9.50 :S Dah rasa worried. Cari ATM machine…tarak ada. Check kalo guna Touch&Go…takleh. Jadi bingung was damn late that time (takut takleh balik…stranded kat Putrajaya). Pakcik jual tiket pun kata “alar…takde duit, takleh la buat apa-apa”….i tot he will kasihankan aku…pinjamkan RM3…but dier KEDEKUT!! Rasa nak sumpah dier ada bisul kat bontot pada masa tu.

Dah nak panic…rasa nak nangis pun ada la sikit sikit…then teringat ngan si linn yg dok kat Putrajaya. Precint mana, i dah lupa la. Cepat cepat call dier. Ropanya minah tu dah tido…terpaksa explain ngan dier…syukur la dier sanggup nak dtg my voice sound panic masa tu kot.

13 October 2005
So selamatla sampai KLCentral – it was around 10.45pm. geng mosin ajak lepak kat suzy’s so I took the LRT to Setiawangsa where Cik sekinchan picked me up. Aku ngan belum mandi dari kul 8 am….meaning I was marinated in my own sweat for 15 hours…ngan ketiak bau (entah Cik sekinchan leh bau ke tak) went to lepak wif frens. I siap warning Cik S “I feel like my ketiak dah start bau. Kalo bau, senyap je ek.” He gelak pula :|

Went back around 2, encik amat terpaksa jadi drebar. (tengkiu en amat!) Reached home slightly after 2.30am, mandi – felt super relieved to clean myself – washed my hair, then did a bit of my maths homework (arggh!! byk nye kerja!!) after that tak tahan…terus pegi tido around 4-5am.

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