Tired *phew*

Its past 5 am now and Im still awake helping my sis complete her Add Math project. 3 freaking sets!?!?! Two more for friends. She’s too nice to be true sometimes. Oh well, her mistake…which costs me a good nite sleep. Not to mention printer ink. I think around 30-35% left of the black ink.

Oh yeah…i watched Latte at 8 again today (every Wed & Thurs midnite). The guest stars were some ppl from Mentalite (some memory thingy), the Pond’s girl – the main actress of “Table for Two” and Shelly Leong – upcoming local singer.
I think Shelly Leong is quite good…tho she doesnt sing as well live as in her albums. The Ponds girl is not pretty as she looks on TV apparently. Amazing wat lack of makeup can do. She looks totally different.

Well, gtg…want to sleep.

Btw, I can go for the evenstarr gig. My grandmother’s birthday dinner is brought forward to Sat nite. Yay!!

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