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Travelling and Centro Club

Been a while since i wrote a proper post. Many things are going through my head and in my life now. Good things, not-so-good things, life changing things. Nothing life-threatening or dangerous tho.

My trip to KK was a blast (will write about Mag’s wedding and our Manukan Island Getaway soon). It was a great way to get away from everything that was happening in KL. Someone was really surprised I was in KK (coz I didn’t tell lots of ppl that I was going) so much so that he remarked, “wah, jauhnye membawa diri?” to which I just laughed. But honestly, it was a great opportunity to spend time with old friends like Mag, Tim, Derek and Rach and also meet new ones like Megan & Benny. Should have stayed there longer but finances did not permit it.

Came back on a Friday evening to KL. Rested the whole of Saturday then went to Kuala Kangsar for Puteri’s and Poker’s.opps..Aznin’s kenduri. I slept most of the way there and coming back. It was a really nice and simple wedding. Its the first time I was early to a kenduri. LOL! (Note to self : NEVER let Afdzal drive long distance if I’m chipping in for the fuel. He drives really really fast and the petrol also finishes really really fast. I think we spent more than rm50 on fuel alone)

I *might* be taking a 2nd degree. Umm.studies aren’t looking too good now. Don’t want to talk about it :(

On another note, I went to Centro (its this club in KL Central) last nite with my two of my classmates and friends. A girls night out with lots of dancing, sweating and drinking.  After that we lepaked at Pelita Bangsar – which at first I tot was Pelita at Jln Ampang then had to pusing back to Bangsar.

My review on Centro (since its my first time there). The area is pretty big with a big platform as the dancefloor. The bar was right in the middle so not much pushing and shoving to get your drinks. The price of the drinks was also not that bad : 1 glass Black Label + ginger ale (was very happy they had ginger ale – weirdly some clubs don’t) = RM 25.30 and 2 tequila shots = RM18 each. The DJ was not bad – R&B songs most of the night then house/techno music after 2am or so. Parking is also really convinient (a big plus!) and only RM4. Sorry, no pics this time. Too lazy to take photos plus my feet were killing me.

Have a great weekend ahead people!

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