Trying out Google Sketchup

I saw Azmanishak’s post about ‘Buat Perabut Rumah‘ using Google Sketchup and thought I’d give it a try. Its been a while since I used any 3d software. Last being 3D Studio Max back in college.

So I downloaded Google SketchUp 7 (its FREE!) and watched some training vids before starting. Basically, it has functions such as extrude (pull out, pull in), move, rotate, scale and resize.

So after playing with it and getting use to it for about an hr, i came up with this rough 3d image of my room. Its incomplete. So far i just finished the bed, table, documents cabinet and the curtains.

This is how my actual room looks like. Sorry about the mess. Hehe! Also instead of the laundry basket under the table, i have a file cabinet.

What do you think? Getting there ey? :P


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