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Turning 26

If you asked me about a month ago how my life was, I would have told you that I’m very happy with my life. I would have said I’m not wanting for anything, that I have everything I wanted. I have a job I love, I hang out with great friends, I spend free time boardgaming, my relationship with my family was good and my personal life was, well, good.

Then recently it hit me, as I’m turning 26, I am only 4 years away from the big three-oh. I don’t know why people think its a huge milestone in a young person’s life but apparently it is.

So looking back at my older posts, I apparently wrote nothing last year (too busy with life?) but the previous two years, I’ve had significant things happened in my life, such as in getting into (and out) of a relationship and getting more independent. Interestingly I was also in Melaka during my 24th birthday. Heh!

So now that I’m turning 26…

I could look at it this way : I am a 26 year old with a job that is the lowest rung of the ladder, a single lady without even an inkling of a stable relationship in my life, still living with my parents and have no property to speak of, or even proper savings for that matter.

Or I could look at it this way : that besides all the (negative stuff) above and tho sometimes I feels like its “me alone against the world”. I am living and breathing every day and good friends who will travel to Melaka with me. Whatever it is, I know I can fall back on my family.

Two sides of a coin. Two ways to look at things ey? (Such a typical libra, is what my Aree would say).

So yea, Happy Birthday to me :)

p/s: Besides Nani who thought my birthday was on 24th Sept, my parents in KL and my sister in UK was the first few people who actually called me at midnight to wish me. See what I meant in option 2? <3

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